AND A6 with 8GB ram or Intel i5 with 4GB

  Dan Boxall 16:38 15 Sep 2018

Hi everyone,

I've got around £400 to spend on a new laptop. I've decided on a Lenovo ideapad with 17.3" screen, but I'm not sure which one I should get.

One has AMD A6 2.6Ghz dual core processor, 8GB DDR4 ram and ATI Radeon R4 graphics card. It costs £350 (reduced from 380).

The other has Intel i3 2.2Ghz dual core processor, only 4GB DDR4 ram, and Intel HD 620 graphics card. This one costs £380 (reduced from £430).

I'll be dual booting win 10 and Ubuntu. I'll be using the laptop for uni work, watching films, and maybe, if I have enough power, I'll get a steam account.

So which do you think is better (and by better, I guess I mean more powerful?). The AMD has more ram and more powerful processor, but the Intel costs £50 more (at original price), which would suggest that it's better. Bear in mind that each of these laptops have the same screen, speakers, usb ports, etc. It's just the processors, ram and graphics cards which differ. I honestly can't decide, I'd be interested to hear other opinions on this.

Thanks, Dan

  [DELETED] 20:39 15 Sep 2018

Don't think there's any point getting a Steam account for either. Both low end laptops. Think the AMD one pips the post just because of the ram.

  [DELETED] 20:41 15 Sep 2018

I take it the Intel is an i3?

  Dan Boxall 20:57 15 Sep 2018

Yeah, its Intel.

As for steam, minimum requirements for games are a lot less than these. I was just wondering which one would be more powerful. Unfortunately, I don't have thousands to spend

  Dan Boxall 21:03 15 Sep 2018

I've read on a few different sites that Intel processors are better than AMD, but since the AMD is both more powerful (in terms of Ghz - I presume the higher it is, the more powerful it is) and has more ram, so I'm confused. What if I got the one with the Intel processor and added 4GB ram? Would this then be better? The AMD still has higher Ghz

  [DELETED] 21:53 15 Sep 2018

You say in your heading it's an i5 Intel processor but in your original post you say;

The other has Intel i3 2.2Ghz dual core processor.

Confusing facts.

  Dan Boxall 18:12 28 Sep 2018

I ended up getting the Intel i3 one. I researched the processors, and it turns out that while the Intel one is listed as having a lower clock speed than the AMD, its equipped with Intel turbo boost, and runs at 3.4 ghz when it needs to. And, I've downloaded steam and have been playing star trek online, and it works just fine. Also installed blizzard and world of warcraft. Decent picture, no lag, all good. Probably thanks to the turbo boost that I mentioned. All in all, its a really nice laptop, I'm well happy

  Dan Boxall 18:15 28 Sep 2018

Oh yeah, and it's i3. Post title was obviously a mistake

  [DELETED] 18:33 28 Sep 2018

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you're sorted.

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