A2 wants to put a shortcut in my startup folder

  six-h 23:42 26 Mar 2009

Just installing A2 on my laptop and it wants to put a shortcut in my start-up folder.
Not sure 'bout that.
I thought best practice was not to have too many things running at start-up.
Also won't this mean it's running in the background all the time, not just when I do a scan.

  Sea Urchin 00:09 27 Mar 2009

Assuming its A-Squared Free then it only runs as a scan as far as I know, so would not be running in the background. As you suspect there is absolutely no point in letting it open at StartUp.

  six-h 00:19 27 Mar 2009

Thanks Sea Urchin, now I can complete the installation!
Just wasn't sure that my logic was right, and my poor old lappy is groaning under the strain.

  Sea Urchin 00:34 27 Mar 2009

I run Mike Lin's Startup Monitor - a very small and most worthwhile program. It's surprising how many times a day the prompt pops up to say that a program is trying to install itself in the Startup folder and do I wish to allow it. If I didn't know it would just happen.

click here

  six-h 01:42 27 Mar 2009

Sea Urchin;
Thanks for pointing me at Startup Monitor, I've installed it, then deleted the setup file from my desktop!
Clicking "Start">all Programmes, all that appears in the list is "Stop Startup Monitor", clicking that seems to "do what it says on the tin!", but I did expect an option to re-start it which wasn't there!
I've started again, installed and extracted the files, and they have taken up residence in "Temporary Internet Files"!
Can that be right?
What's it's identity in Task Mgr processes so I can find it!?

I've also found to my dismay that A2 though installed and working doesn't show in "All Progs."
Maybe it's getting too late! might seek further wisdom tomorrow.

  Zaphod 3 08:53 27 Mar 2009

Sometimes show itself as Emsisoft in the all programs list

  six-h 11:22 27 Mar 2009

Zaphod 3;
Nope! checked this morning, and it is just not in the "All Progs." list
I think I'll have to ask on the Emsisoft forum.

Still not happy that "Startup Manager" has set up camp in my "Temp Internet Files" folder, don't know how to move it to somewhere more appropriate, like C:\Programme Files, where incidentally the A2 folder resides!

  Sea Urchin 11:52 27 Mar 2009

My A2 shows up as "a-squared Free" in All Programs.

With regard to Startup Monitor I simply downloaded it to the desktop - then unzipped it which resulted in a second folder on the desktop. In that folder I ran the .msi file which installed it. I then deleted both folders from the desktop. When installing it will ironically ask you whether Startup Monitor can run at Startup, to which the answer is Yes.

By definition anything in your Temporary Internet Files can be deleted.

Run a Search from your Start button for Startup Monitor, and you will see where the program elements are sitting. My .exe file is in C:\WINDOWS and the program in C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Start Menu\Programs

You can just let it get on with its work in the background.

  six-h 12:09 27 Mar 2009

Sea Urchin, thanks, tried that and found: -
"Stop Startup Monitor"
in: - C:\Docs & settings\Me\Start Menu\Progs.
in: - C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
Only the "Stop Startup Monitor" appears in the "All Progs" list, so if you "click" on it, presumably it will stop the process but there seems to be no way to re-start it!
Has it installed correctly?

  Sea Urchin 12:29 27 Mar 2009

Yes, the only entry for Startup Monitor in All Programs is Stop Startup Monitor - that's correct. Although I cannot think why you need to stop it. It starts automatically with Windows - see my previous post.

This is all explained at the bottom of my previous link, repeated click here

As I said before as you install it asks whether it should allow itself to run at Startup and you should have answered Yes.

  six-h 12:44 27 Mar 2009

Dohh! of course it does!
I must be unusually thick today, at least last night I had the excuse that it was late!!
Thanks Sea Urchin.

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