a2 squared question

  suzie005 14:16 05 Mar 2005

d/l it and just done the online scan.few questions now.it tells me that i have 6 open ports.i just let zone alarm do it's job.VBS script is activated,invocation of secure ActiveX controls is activated in the Secure ActiveX Test and invocation of insecure ActiveX controls is deactivated in the insecure ActiveX Test.any suggestions wot i have 2 do?

  Forum Editor 18:42 05 Mar 2005

would get some responses suzie - I for one am not sure what it is you're referring to.

  ACOLYTE 18:49 05 Mar 2005

No idea suzie as i have never had this with A2 and never done an online scan with it and as far as i am aware it doesnt tell you what ports are open and what isnt ,its not that kind of program, so more info needed as the FE said cos what you have said so far is a little confusing.

  VoG II 18:56 05 Mar 2005

Do you mean a² HiJackFree click here ?

  bertiecharlie 19:38 05 Mar 2005

There is an a-squared on line check click here

  suzie005 19:58 05 Mar 2005


that's the one.to be able to get an update of the program it told me i had to do an online scan first


i am asking how i alter the pc settings so that those ports aren't open and how i adjust the active x bits.

  grey george 20:09 05 Mar 2005

I think the new version now checks the memeory and many other things. From the email they sent out it seems it may be getting into zone alarm territory. I hope there are no conflicts, I am waiting for others to try it before I do, suzie005 maybe the first.

  Dorsai 20:51 05 Mar 2005

I updated to the new version of A2 as soon as i got the mail. Ran the auto-updater, and it arrived. Re-booted when asked. Smooth as.

Ran the scan. Took ages, as usual. 160Gb to scan after all. Found nothing, also as usual.

I use Firefox, not IE, and have all the security setting in IE cranked up to max. Only use IE for getting updates to XP home.

I think it's just letting you know where you stand re Active X:

Secure Active X allowed. Insecure Active X not allowed.

No expert re active X, but that does not sound too worrying. click here for a description of what active X is.

Basically I think you need not worry, and need do nothing. My opinion only though.

  suzie005 21:03 05 Mar 2005



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