A2 Squared quarentined findings

  sunny staines 10:19 14 Jul 2007

A2 seems to be having a spell of finding more susp false positives these days. I have placed them in quarentine when the string gives no clue to the program, i search the A2 forums if nothing found I leave them in Quarentine, if i can ID the string and see its a false postive I can ignore knowing it will be fixed in a day or two.

Just wondering what other readers do when A2 pops up with threats found on the pc. How long do you leave in Quarentine before deleting? I also scan with superantispyware for 2nd opinion.

despite my comments I still think A2 & sas are the best in depth scanners

  cocteau48 10:49 14 Jul 2007

Hi sunny staines
Bit of a touchy subject this as you will know if you have been on the A2 forum. There seem to be a lot of apparent FP's floating about which A2 are not coming up with answers for.
I have had four trace registry responses on A2 this year.
One for the Ebay security tool bar which I just leave in quarantine and restore if I need to use the toolbar.I have no idea why A2 highlight it.

The Trace Registry.Miras which is either A2 or Spybot S/D at fault.If I delete it in A2 then run immunization in Spybot it comes back - again discussed in depth on the A2 forum with no conclusive answers.

Trace Registry .blubster which appeared to arrive with a music download but once again,on the forum ,seemed to affect a lot of people on the same day so therefore was thought to be a FP. That one I just deleted but A2 have not come up with a definitive answer-yet.

And adware.win32.Dmi for which the forum did come up with an answer of sorts but did say it was safe to remove although it now is being flagged as a FP.

The interesting thing is that not one of these was flagged by SpywareTerminator/Superantispware/Adaware or Spybot S/D

  sunny staines 11:02 14 Jul 2007


not got any F/P's that are the same as yours no problems with spybot and A2 [do not have teatimer installed on spybot].

I use ST for its mainly for live shield but let it scans once a day but only ever finds the same cookie every scan.

  birdface 11:14 14 Jul 2007

I don't suppose that you are using the Beta version are you.I got rid of the beta version because of all the False Positives that I was getting.I am now running the version and have had no problems with it.

  cocteau48 11:41 14 Jul 2007

Hi buteman
Mine has automatically updated itself to -
I have just changed language to English (UK) and got a new download,second today, but stayed at
Changed back to English(USA) and got yet another download and version has gone to
Changed back again to English (UK) - no further download but has stayed on

  birdface 11:49 14 Jul 2007

Hi.Cocteau. No further up-dates on mine.Still at 349.Are you using the free version.

  sunny staines 11:50 14 Jul 2007

using english usa version

  sunny staines 11:52 14 Jul 2007

checked updates just now, still at 349. 355 must have been withdrawn.

  birdface 12:14 14 Jul 2007

Yes mine is the same as yours.I assume Cocteau must be using the paid version if he is getting automatic up-dates,And bye the way thanks for the C Cleaner up-date.

  cocteau48 12:24 14 Jul 2007

Just looked on the A2 download page and 349 is certainly the current version but clicking on the beta link it shows 355 as from today.
Looks as though I have the beta version but there nothing on the user interface to say so.
I did download the beta version at some stage but it definitely stated beta on the user interface at that time and as that has disappeared I assumed that it was no longer in beta status.

  cocteau48 12:28 14 Jul 2007

No I have the free version and when I said it updated automatically I meant that (doing a manual update) the prog version updated automatically along with the definitions update.

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