A2 query

  jimv7 13:55 09 Feb 2006

Downloading update information ...

Downloading Traces signature update 10/06/2005 ...
27162 Spyware Traces

Downloading Traces signature update 11/19/2005 ...
22941 Spyware Traces

Downloading Traces signature update 02/05/2006 ...
24620 Spyware Traces

as above, this is the 2nd time a2 has updated itself with the same signatures, anyone else experienceing this.

  Icky 14:06 09 Feb 2006

Yes, it happened to me too today.

  bluto1 14:09 09 Feb 2006

I`m not sure what A2 was doing. Last night sunny staines gave us a message for the update and told us we`d have to reboot, and then go back for another update. I couldn`t get the second one, presumably because the download site was overcrowded so I got it this AM. I must admit I thought that`s what I downloaded today.

  bretsky 14:10 09 Feb 2006

Yep, me to today.

  sunny staines 14:27 09 Feb 2006

repeated this afternoon for me too.

  jimv7 15:10 09 Feb 2006

Thanks guys, seems i'm not the only 1.

  VCR97 19:33 09 Feb 2006

Explanation of repeated updates, from the a-squared forum:

"This is not a bug. When it is required to change the base signature file, we will publish a new version of that file. You are NOT downloading the same data again and again, you are downloading newer versions of that file with changed content. Even if the file's original creation date is October 6, 2005."

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