A2 False Positives

  Input Overload 09:49 12 Feb 2010

A2 seems to have a shed load of false positives in the latest update, to the degree I've taken it off background guard.

  birdface 10:02 12 Feb 2010

Next update should reinstall them again.
You have not updated to Beta 5 version have you.If you have update beta ticked they would automatically install it.

  birdface 10:08 12 Feb 2010

Just ran the quick scan it came up with Trojan in Winpatrol and ladbrokes.They uploaded the files so that they could check them but I have left them on the computer in case they are false positives.
Thanks for the warning.

  Input Overload 10:24 12 Feb 2010

I do Beta testing but never on security software, I leave that to the brave. Yes I got a Trojan in Win Patrol & MS Office, Eset, Acronis True Image etc.

  rawprawn 10:35 12 Feb 2010

Yes, I get Trojans in Acronis, WinPatrol,and Kaspersky

  birdface 10:40 12 Feb 2010

Decided to do a full scan and 49 objects found mostly trojans.So they have uploaded them again to check them out.bet it is something to do with that Beta 5 version that they now have.
Anyhow thanks for the warning I would probably be panicking now and deleting them all but will leave them to see what happens.

  sunnystaines 10:40 12 Feb 2010

As much as I like A2 gave it up as it just cried wolf with false positives all the time, leaving a dilemma of waiting till someone else confirms the FP or is it a nasty.

  Input Overload 11:16 12 Feb 2010

Seems like the latest update has sorted the issues. I agree sunnystaines A2 does appear to have more FP's than other Anti-Mal-Ware programs.

  birdface 11:25 12 Feb 2010

it usually rectifies the problems with its next update and will restore anything left in the quarantine box.

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