a2 false positive trojan?

  CurlyWhirly 00:13 23 Aug 2004

I have just run an a2 Trojan scan and it has found 5 entries of the following Malware file:


Has anyone else had this crop up when running the a2 scan?
Is it a false positive or not?
I have not deleted the findings as IF it is false then deleting them might affect my PC in some way as they are embedded in AOL, Ad-aware SE and my anti-virus program!

  pc moron 00:22 23 Aug 2004

Looks like a trojan click here
, download and run the 30-day version to remove it.

  helmetshine 03:15 23 Aug 2004

I had that earlier today as well.....said it was in COD patch 1.4.exe and farcry 1.1.exe....updated it this evening...said updates removed some false positives and been clear since

I didn't remove the patches either

  CurlyWhirly 10:07 23 Aug 2004

I have also updated the a2 definitions and now when I run the scan they no longer appear so it MUST have been false positives!
Thanks to you both for replying!

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