A2 the 3rd

  jimv7 14:50 08 Dec 2004

A2 the 3rd update in 2 days avaialable.

  spuds 15:14 08 Dec 2004

The latest update found a malaware on my computer, which the others had missed.

  barn 15:18 08 Dec 2004

are you talking about ad aware?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:52 08 Dec 2004

Glad you worked that one out - perhaps there is an "Obscure Thread Title of 2004 Contest" going on in the forums?
Gets my vote.

  Mango Grummit 16:40 08 Dec 2004

LOL, don't all rush at once -- Lithuanian language support.

  rawprawn 16:57 08 Dec 2004

Me too, but I will try to teach myself Lituanian in the New Year, so it won't be wasred.

  Jackcoms 18:37 08 Dec 2004


"are you talking about ad aware?"

No, we're talking about a2.

  VoG II 18:41 08 Dec 2004


At last! Lithuanian language support.

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