a1009 HP desktop at Staples

  the hick 20:05 13 May 2005

Staples are selling these with 17" TFT and HP colour printer for £499. They have Celeron D335 (2.8GHz), Win XP Home, Works 8, Intel Extreme graphics. I am needing a new PC, and wondered if this would be a good buy, and is there much difference between Celeron and Pentium 4? I dont know a great deal about processor details. Any advice appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:16 13 May 2005

What do you want it for? That is the primary question.

If office work / internet browsing and such non-demanding tasks, it will be perfect. If you are into gaming, CD/DVD creation and so on, it will be less suitable.

I actually saw them yesterday and thought that they would be fine for an office - but the shared graphics would imply that an immediate boost would be gained by upgrading RAM to 512mb. I think that graphics were limited at 64mb - basic but ok for DVD watching, little else.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:17 13 May 2005

There is indeed a difference between Celeron and PIV - a difference that will be noticed when it comes to demanding tasks; again, saying what you want it for will allow a reasonable judgement to be given on its suitability for you.

  the hick 20:25 13 May 2005

I dont go in for gaming, mainly office, internet, photo editing, and some music CD creating. Probably possible to upgrade the graphics later?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:34 13 May 2005

[quote]Probably possible to upgrade the graphics later?[/quote]

That all depends on there being an AGP slot (possible) or the possibility of a PCI graphics card.

Speaking of staples, have they taken over all Office World sites?

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