98se to win xp

  moh23 20:02 26 Nov 2004

i am thinking of getting xp what is the diff between an upgrade and a full install from scratch,if i do a full install do i just uninstall 98 and install xp

  mattyc_92 20:14 26 Nov 2004

You can FORMAT your system or just install XP over Win98 NOTE: Windows wont allow you to do this, so install windows in DOS mode. Microsoft and most ICT pros recomend FORMATING though. So I suggest formatting

  Cook2 20:46 26 Nov 2004

When you insert XP you will see you can check if your system is up to it.

If it is, when you start your install it will tell you it will remove all files and is it OK.

It will then Format in NTFS and Install XP.

Make sure all your hardware is compatible with XP and remember any DOS based games probably won't work, even in XP's compatibility mode.

  moh23 09:05 27 Nov 2004

when you say it will remove all files is this just win98 files,will it remove things like photos

  Kegger 12:00 27 Nov 2004

the difference between an upgrade and full install is as follows:-

upgrade:- it will upgrade to windows xp taking all your existing programs and files with it. so if you need any files / photos you will be able to access them. any older programs or compatbilty issues windows will warn you about, you may have to re-install some programs again it will tell you.

full install:- you are starting from scratch and will have only XP installed, i recomend that you format disk first, you will then have a clean stable installation. all existing files and programs will be lost. only do this if you don't need existing files, and you have accesss to software that you want to install either from disk or access from Internet.

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