98se networking gone awol

  mammak 22:30 14 May 2006

Ideally should have titled this post “help woodchip” because he is the 98se resident expert but that being against forum etiquette I thought I would take the chance he would read this, and of course anyone else's help would be most appreciated,
My 98se laptop previously was on my home network worked a dream (at that time I had a cable and wireless router unsecured ssid) fool I was, but I since loaned the lappie to a college mate who was not on the internet, I have since got one xp home pc wired one xp pro pc wireless and a laptop xp home wireless all sharing internet file sharing ect.my router is BT voyager 2091 and the 98se laptop has found the network with noted excellent connection but trying to connect to the internet all I get is page cannot be displayed, any help?

  [DELETED] 22:51 20 May 2006

What software and hardware are you using to run the wireless link? An external adapter with its own 3rd-party software?

Has anything changed in your client firewall? Anything lost from the trusted area or network rules? Does disabling it make a difference? (Bear in mind that some firewalls don't fully disable even though they may appear to have done so).

  mammak 22:18 22 May 2006

thanks for your response but I have given up with it now fiewall was never an issue with this particular problem i hope my click here works this time as I have not have much luck here goe's

click here

  mammak 22:24 22 May 2006

click here

hope this works

  mammak 22:31 22 May 2006

well that one did heres hoping this will then you might go some way to understand the nightmare I have been through trying to solve this and cant I know I cant it has took over my entire life and I cant do it here goe's for the final atempt at a budged up click here

click here

  mammak 22:34 22 May 2006

Yes Yes and Yes again it worked well there is hope for me not much but all is not lost except my 98se laptop I wont ever turn it on again. ta 2 everyone.

  [DELETED] 22:49 22 May 2006

Windows 98se really benefits from an annual clean install, from Windows onwards.
Your laptop's hardware is most probably perfectly fine. Don't discard it.
Reinstall the Windows operating system and all other application programs.

If you have a disk imaging program such as Acronis True Image, you can always save a full clean installation image to an external hard disk, which will make this process all of 20 minutes in the future, rather then one which could take all day.

  mammak 10:53 26 May 2006

Its sorted was going chuck the thing but it was as simple as this checked device manager yellow mark on PCI card uninstalled it rebooted windows couldnt find the right driver so hunted out the very dusty motherboard cd put it in and hey presto sorted.

  mammak 10:53 26 May 2006


  mammak 10:54 26 May 2006

this thing wont tick

  [DELETED] 13:14 26 May 2006

Well done for sticking with it, mammak! You'll have a great weekend now!

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