98SE hanging on start-up

  Sapins 14:22 31 May 2004

A friend has just rang to tell me 98SE is suddenly hanging up on start-up. If he attempts to start it hangs almost immediately, does not get to Windows screen, If he leaves it switched off at the mains for an hour or so he can get as far as the desktop, if he leaves it a couple of hours and then attempts to connect to his ISP on dial-up it freezes.

During the last few attempts he had a message "no mouse connected"

He cannot boot into safe mode and he cannot boot with the 98SE CD.

Microsoft Knowledge base says it is possibly a virus but when he has reached the desktop and opened Norton AV it does not report anything at fault.

At the moment he is leaving it unplugged for an hour and when he re-starts I have told him to hold down Ctrl to try to get into safe mode, hopefully this is where he will be when I phone him back with some possible answers. I have broadband so I can look at online help whilst talking to him.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated,



  stalion 14:44 31 May 2004


  Sapins 15:18 31 May 2004

Cheers stalion, did it for me :-)

  Sapins 15:19 31 May 2004

Just found out the computer is 4yrs. old and is a "Patriot" maybe hit by a sidewinder LOL

  Valvegrid 15:31 31 May 2004

He has of course tried another mouse in case the wire is faulty?

  maz2 15:59 31 May 2004

Is the mouse on a usb if so that may not be working as I think the PC has to fully load for it to work my 98se was playing up the other day and would not fully load this also came up with no mouse connected this also happens in safe mode as the drivers aren't loaded

  User-312386 16:02 31 May 2004

sounds like a registry error

start the computer and then start tapping F8, a screen will come up and you need to select restart computer in ms-dos

when you get to ms-dos, type scanreg/fix

after that and you are still presented with a dos screen type "exit" (without the quotes)

  Sapins 17:31 31 May 2004

Hi all, he hasn't got another mouse I'm afraid, but I know its not USB.

He has just got it into safe mode as I type! Tried to access control panel to look in device manager,but it froze immediately he clicked on the C/P icon, the mouse pointer is stuck on screen. He will switch off for another hour and phone me back. So, we can get into safe mode if thats any good.

My friend also says, when the computer freezes there is a buzzing noise for 10 seconds or so with a short pause between buzzes.

Does pressing the f8 key take you to the screen you mention madboy33©®? if so we can follow your advice. Otherwise is there anything else we can try in safe mode?(who said sex? lol)

  Sapins 17:37 31 May 2004

madboy33©®, should have asked does pressing f8 take you to the safe mode screen and is that where we can follow your advice.:-((

  VoG II 17:40 31 May 2004

Keep tapping the F8 key just before the Windows screen loads. You should then see a menu listing Safe Mode and other options. Pick the MS-DOS option then follow madboy33©®'s advice.

  Sapins 17:49 31 May 2004

Thanks VoG™, my friend is due to ring me back in about 30mins, time for a glass of the heart attack saving Red liquid.

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