98SE crashing, performed illegal operation

  TommyRed 18:42 30 May 2005

My daughter has just rang from Uni, her PC is crashing if she tries to open a document in MS word or tries to access the internet. She has AVG 7 which is up to date, Spybot and Ad-Aware. I advised her to start in safe mode and to run AVG scan, Spybot and Ad-Aware. These have not detected anything untoward, though in safe mode she is able to access her MS documents but not able to access the internet or send/receive e-mails. Her PC is a P3 550Mhz running 98SE. Any advice/further instructions I could pass on to her. TR

  961 19:01 30 May 2005

Does she have the 98se disk by any chance?

What internet explorer no installed?

Patched up to date?

Into Kazzaa etc by any chance?

  TommyRed 19:27 30 May 2005

No she has no disk for the machine, friend had a faulty monitor and supplier sent out whole new system so we ended up with the tower.IE6. I dont think she has updated it in the last 2 years, she uses Bearshare P2P but reckons she hasn't used it for weeks!! TR

  961 19:38 30 May 2005

Does friend have the disk?

  TommyRed 19:48 30 May 2005

No, now divorced, wife got custody of the PC. TR

  Pidder 19:49 30 May 2005

Has she tried Scandisc - Start, programs,accessories, system tools,(or SFC) ?

  961 20:02 30 May 2005

First, is there anything on the pc in the way of course work?

Second, can the pc be sorted?

The first is the most important.

If she can get to the stuff she needs then that needs to be backed up and got off the system either by floppy or cd depending on what the pc has. After that you can play about with the thing as you wish.

It's obviously not worth starting to spend any money on this system and not a good idea to let anybody fiddle before the course work is saved

After that then the choice seems to be for someone who knows what they are doing (you?) to have a look or to just call it a day and think about a new one

If you can find a windows 98se disk cheap you could run it over the existing software and see if it works. A fresh start would probably lose all the software that is on the hard drive which I guess may include Word or whatever is there.

p.s. who got the cat?


  TommyRed 20:14 30 May 2005

Yes she's run scandisk in safe mode.


Yes she has coursework on the PC, plus photo's etc., I was thinking maybe she'd spilt some Vodka on it, you know what students are like, the keyboard will be jammed up with pringles and chocolate digestives, students basic food.
I put a CDRW in for her so I reckon she'll be able to back up the essentials, unfortunately I'm in the home of the European Champions and she's at the other end of the M62 in Leeds. My Brother-in-Law got one cat and one dog and I think all the tropical fish. TR

  Joe R 20:19 30 May 2005


she would maybe be better off, (if possible) trying to get someone, who is comfortable with adding and subtracting hardware, to back up her h/d in their machine, formatting, and as was suggested already, give it a fresh start.

  Rtus 20:25 30 May 2005

tell her to check the temp files ( how many still there ) copy all needed stuff & then delete all temp files .check then her hard drive space left free & shout back

  TommyRed 20:44 30 May 2005

I'm ringing her at 9.30pm will post back after that. TR

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