Sapins 09:24 30 Jun 2004

A friend running 98SE cannot use any programmes without getting an illegal operation message, this happens in safe mode as well.

The message reads." An unhandled exception has occurred. The error was "unknown (OXC000005)" Can anyone explain this message and offer a solution please.



  Diodorus Siculus 10:05 30 Jun 2004

Try the system file checker




and click run

IF that does not help, try a reinstall of Win98.

  Sapins 10:36 30 Jun 2004

Thanks Diodorus Siculus, I will pass your suggestion on, but I think maybe a re-install will be needed. I will let you know how he gets on.

  Cuddles 10:51 30 Jun 2004

If you do go for the reinstall go over the original installation this way your original settings will be intact.

  end 10:53 30 Jun 2004

???will it let you even RUN sfc???AND, is there an available lap-top with the same specs on it???? ( an idea from a "novice" which " worked for me")....

  Graham ® 10:58 30 Jun 2004

Might be better to click OK :-)

  end 11:08 30 Jun 2004

which is a point.....

when you get the error message, do you also get the option TO " click "ok" ", or does it just "allow you to close the box"; and, if you click On "ok", what THEN will the computer "allow to be done to it"???????

  Sapins 11:14 30 Jun 2004

Thanks for your input Cuddles, end and Graham ®, watch this space, I am about to phone a friend! and pass on your comments, I've asked the audience, may have to use 50/50 next LOL

  end 11:24 30 Jun 2004

welll. I hate to say it...BUT...my "idea" actually does USE "50/50".....will "explain" if the option OF the lap-top IS "possible""needed "and you want to try it......go TO "phone a friend" and see if you do end up with 50/50.......THAT "method" worked for me when " the shit hit the fan" here........(but it is JUST AN idea!!!)( AND I AM a computer "novice"!!!!)......

  Graham ® 11:46 30 Jun 2004

We'd love to hear you read out one of your responses. Have you got an answerphone?

  Shas 11:59 30 Jun 2004

Graham ®, you do make me smile! :o)

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