soy 20:49 30 Dec 2003


I tried doinga search for flecc's discussion on this topic but could not find it.

Does 98Lite work by removing web integration from the OS? If so, how is one able to access internet?

I undertand that there are 4 different configurations;

Sleek: Windows 95 disk is required

Chubby: 'View as a Web Page and Active Desktop features have been totally removed'

Overweight: standard install

and 98Micro

If I were to use 98lite, Chubby config would be the option as I don't have 95 nor do I want the standard install.

Can someone confirm that there are definate speed increases?

I have a second PC: pentium MMX 233, 96 SDram and 6 GB hardd rive. At the moment it has 98SE and although it works, its terribly slow when opening closing programs.

Do you think I should install 98lite?

  hugh-265156 21:16 30 Dec 2003
  soy 21:20 30 Dec 2003

I couldn't find it becuase I was using variations of the word '98lite' into the search tool.

Thanks again, will give it a read.

15 pages, gonna make some coffee....

  hugh-265156 21:39 30 Dec 2003

an interesting read.if only i understood it :-)

  soy 22:15 30 Dec 2003

opps, I ticked resolved too early.

Has anyone used 98Lite, and does it really speed up performance of the PC?

If you removed components of 98SE, would the windows updates still work?

  Valvegrid 22:34 30 Dec 2003

I use 98lite. I did a clean re-install of the O/S the other day using 98lite chubby. After installing all the components I required the windows folder only took 134MB of disk space. I removed IE5, but have reloaded IE6 back because I want to use OE6 email client. If I had the choice I wouldn't bother loading IE6 back, but use one of the other browsers like Mozilla or Opera. I use OE6 because its the only email client that will allow me to access Lycos http mail, if there was another email client that would allow http mail access, I would ditch IE6 and OE6 if one of the others would support http mail.

Is it faster? Yes, you should find a distinct increase in speed, particularly after removing IE5.

Try it and let us know how you get on.

Oh, BTW, it took about 25 minutes to reload the O/S once the setup cab files are loaded onto my second H/D. So it's worth setting up a small partition to load the setup files onto, this will make reloading the O/S system much faster in the future.

Good luck


  soy 22:44 30 Dec 2003

Thanks fo rthe reply. So Internet access is still possible, great.

is the install process much different to that of the normal installation of 98SE? I don't really know much about MS-DOS but I can install 98SE with a guide. Would I be required to start tapping in lots of commands etc if I used 98lite?

  Valvegrid 23:02 30 Dec 2003

I'm a bit rusty on DOS, but I find it quite simple. Once you have re-formatted the H/D and set your partitions, swap the startup disk for the 98lite disk and type A:\98lite this will start the installer, it will ask which drive your CD rom is on, once it has found it, it will extract all the cab setup files to your C: drive. Once it's finished, type C:\ and <Enter>, then type CD 98SETUP <Enter> You will see C:\98SETUP returned on the screen, then type 98lite <Enter> then follow the screen prompts, the O/S will then install.

Once it has installed the 98setup folder with all the cab files can be moved to the spare partition you created, so that if you want to re-install the O/S in the future it can be run from the partition, much faster than the CD rom.


  Chegs ® 03:12 31 Dec 2003

Not only do you get a hike in speeds,but it also produces an almost unburstable windows.I read with great interest Fleccs and Tarans attempts to crash the system,so impressed were I that I got a Flecc created version from the man himself.Unfortunately,I never have time to experiment in 98se,as I took a liking to video editting(and its resulting large files meant I had to change to NTFS filesystem and XP)

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