98 and me installs but windows xp wont

  stephen0205 12:33 18 Aug 2006

i have a pc that was running windows xp professional and i reformated it due to errors and it running slow so i reformated it and went to install indows xp and it installs fine untill it finishes coping files....the blue screen at the botton on a grey bar says starting windows setup and it stays like that for ever it dosnt move...i left it for 5 hours and tried againg 7 times.....i thought it could be the disk ...so i got a friends 2 win xp pro disks both real and he gave me software to change the code back to mine.....i tried that and the same thing happened ....i couldnt go without a pc so i bought windows 98 and win me for 10 pounds from ebay bothe were real and went in no problem so i was gonna put xp in as an upgrade and the same thing happened so could someone help.....my pal says to fdisk it but he dosent know how and neather do i ....could someone please help.

  ~#@@#~ 12:58 18 Aug 2006

Download a Win98se boot floppy from click here. Start the computer with the floppy disk in the drive. Let the floppy load to an a:\ and put fdisk behind it


a:\ fdisk

and enter.

Pick Y to enable large disk support.

If you have just one hard drive that is not partitioned:-

Pick option 3. Delete partition or Logical DOS Drive and enter.

on the next screen pick option 1. Delete Primary DOS Partition. Then escape.

This will take you back to the main screen.

Then pick option 1. Create DOS partition or Logical DOS Drive and enter.

and then option 1. Create Primary DOS Partition and enter.

Choose the size you want the C drive. Then pick option 2 to make the C drive active.

Keep pressing escape till the computer reboots.

Start the XP installation and windows will format the drive.

Thats how to fdisk the hard drive but you can do the same with the windows XP disk. Just after you get the F8 screen to accept the terms. You get the screen to press D to delete the partition of the hard drive. if you do this, it is the same as fdisk.

  stephen0205 21:35 18 Aug 2006

tried that with the floppy disk and it didnt fdisk it it said reformatting....it got to 100 and i put in the xp disk and it got to the same bit saying windows is starting setup in the grey bar at the bottom of the screen and it froze and nothing happened...and i put 98 back in and tried to use the xp disk to do it with the f8 and delete it and it dosent even get to that bit because it froze....any other suggestions apart from buy a new pc

have you tried making sure your xp disk is clean with no marks etc?

  ArrGee 11:22 19 Aug 2006

I have had similar problems in the past.

Make a thorough format of the hard drive using this
click here
Then try to install again.

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