98 lite,installation,CABS?

  crx16 01:10 21 Jan 2003
  crx16 01:10 21 Jan 2003

hello, just purchased 98litePRO, and im trying to install. it needs my 'windows set-up files' and has asked for CD, i only have recovery disk which doesnt seem to work.

so do they exist on my hard drive,an email from flecc mentions win9x folder?

i have winME.thanks.

  leo49 01:13 21 Jan 2003

They're called C\Windows\Options folders in ME.


  leo49 01:22 21 Jan 2003

It does actually explain this in the manual. I found it well worth printing out and reading thoroughly before I started.


  crx16 01:22 21 Jan 2003

sorted! thanks leo49.

  leo49 01:23 21 Jan 2003

Are you doing a fresh install from scratch or installing into your existing ME?

  crx16 01:27 21 Jan 2003

just messing around on an existing winME, copied into another partition, i have fleccs 'quick creation' guide for speedos,and am just playing about for now.

ps. there was a problem with 98lite download,ive had to wait a few days for it,and i was itching to get started.

  leo49 01:34 21 Jan 2003

By the by - those Windows\Options folders[together with a Boot disc] are all you need to do a fresh install of Windows.I've extracted them from my Recovery disc and burnt them to CDR and just use them whenever I mess about with OS installations.

Good luck with it - you'll never go back to standard ME.


  crx16 01:39 21 Jan 2003

thats interseting leo49, i thought that to get a fresh installation, id have to started everything from scratch.

i had to copy a 14GB winME partition! and know im trying to clean it up....

  crx16 01:40 21 Jan 2003

know = now,

could you give some instructions,id be most grateful

  leo49 01:45 21 Jan 2003

My everyday MELite OS with all the usual heavyweight programmes[but still using a 'put back'IE]is 2.75gb with just over 50% unused.[just fits nicely on one CDR in Drive Image].


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