98 onto floppies

  Ozy 15:06 25 Jan 2010

I have a 1994? 486 amstrad desktop, it has Windows 4.11 on it,
I have a Windows 98 disc, the Amstrad has no CD drive,
But does have a 3 inch floppy drive.
Iwould like to put 98 onto the Amstrad, how do I go about
putting 98 onto floppies, that’s if it can be done.

  Terry Brown 15:36 25 Jan 2010

I would suggest getting an IDE to USB adapter, this is a good as any click here or google IDE to USB for more options

Get someone to copy it to a memory stick and boot from that.
You do not know what order the computer wants the win98 files in, so a floppy disk system would not work.

  Terry Brown 15:40 25 Jan 2010

Sorry wrong link
click here


  Kevscar1 15:40 25 Jan 2010

If it,s that old I doubt it has USB, only thing that might work if you can plug it in is an external CD drive

  xania 15:54 25 Jan 2010

I doubt you'll get USB or any external media to work, but you might just be able to get away with connecting a CD drive to the IDE cable. With a device that old, I suspect that the existing IDE cable will only have a master connection, and that there will only be one IDE connection on the motherboard, but you may be able to connect a cable with a slave connection and work it that way - with your CD as the salve to your HDD as master.

  Woolwell 16:00 25 Jan 2010

I don't think that it will work if you look at the minimum requirements click here then you need a CD ROM drive.

  wiz-king 16:07 25 Jan 2010

If I remember corectly you will need about 40 flopies!

  JohnWilliams 16:15 25 Jan 2010

Why would you want to do that anyway?

  tullie 16:38 25 Jan 2010

Thats a very good question JW

  lotvic 16:47 25 Jan 2010

Maybe you could copy the W98 CD to a spare harddrive and then connect the spare harddrive as an extra drive to the Amstrad

  lotvic 16:50 25 Jan 2010

link to various ways to install W98 click here

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