9600XT Goes in to shutdown

  mjf85 09:42 25 Sep 2005

Hi all

I have just bought a Radeon 9600XT 256Mb Gfx card from Novatech.com I have installed it with the drivers that came with the CD but when ever I use it for a game or anything the screen will go in to standbye and I cant get it to come out short of rebooting my machine.

I am using a Matsonic MS8147C series motherboard and a 350W power supply. I cant understand why this is happerning. My friend who recommended the card has had no problems with it and is equally baffeled.

Any help on this would be good thanks


  gudgulf 13:35 25 Sep 2005

If your friend is using the same graphics card then I would recommend this.......remove your card and put it in your friends pc.If you get the same problem then the card is faulty and needs to go back to Novatech.

It looks like there is a fault with its 3D rendering.I'm assuming that it works ok for web browsing etc?

If the card works normally in your friends pc then post back for further help.

  GaT7 19:55 25 Sep 2005

What does a DirectX diagnostics test say? To test: Start>Run, type dxdiag & press OK. Click on the Display tab, check to see the 3 items in the list are set to Enabled. Then click on the Test DirectDraw & Direct3D buttons to test functionality.

I had a similar problem. Installing the latest drivers from ATI click here, rather than the ones on the CD, cured it.

If it doesn't work, try gudgulf's suggestion. G

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