9600xt 128mb

  pandathe 22:17 20 Apr 2005

Heya all,

I've had my radeon 9600xt for a while now and i've always had reasonably low fps. Old games like Sof2 and CoD i get about 60, and the newer games like hl2 and cs:s i'm getting 5-20 fps, surely this can't be right?

I've tried 7 different drivers including omega,official,dna etc. 2 formats, upgrading my PSU from 250w to 400w still no difference. Driver cleanup, various different BIOS settings. My card isn't dead as the fan still goes round and i get 'some' fps.

My specs are:

2.6ghz intel cerelon
640mb ddr ram (speed is between 200 and 300)
abit sg-72 mobo
40gb hdd
3 fans, keyboard etc :p

Help much appreciated!

  DieSse 22:27 20 Apr 2005

Are you running any resource hogging software, such as Norton AV?

Flight simulator groups often recommend NOD32 AV because of it's very low resource requiremnets (plus it has superior AV performance).

  pandathe 23:01 20 Apr 2005

Nope just formatted so i'm running nothing - ive got latest mobo drivers and running the 4.12 atm. I'm running out of idea's ;/

  Praxis99 23:15 20 Apr 2005

I've a 9600XT running with the latest Omega drivers, I'd recommend trying or checking a few things firstly have you engaged Overdrive? and checked that you have AI set to run? If your a little more adventurous you could try more aggressive overclocking with say Radlinker that comes with the Omega drivers or by using ATI Tool.

I'd also make sure that your settings for full screen Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering are set to "application preference" since you've no chance of playable frame rates in HL2 or similar if either is engaged the card simply ain't up to it.

You can also try running at a lower resolution when playing games and as already suggested try disabling some processes like virus checking running in the background so long as you are not playing on line that is!

Finally I'd also suggest that you CPU is also holding things back and an upgrade in that department might help things if playing the latest games is important to you as would of course a more recent gfx card, with gfx performance at what was the 9600XT price point having doubled in the last yr.

  Praxis99 23:21 20 Apr 2005

Final thing from me to try is disabling fast writes in the Bios since on many cards -including my own- this can cause stability and other problems. If you use Omegas your reminded of this when you install the drivers along with the option to disable if applicable.

  gudgulf 00:10 21 Apr 2005

There is an issue with many ATI9600 cards which makes them unstable if you turn off fast writes...I have such a card and I get crashes if I dont use them.

Apologies Praxis99 but on this card you should leave fast writes on.

I have to say that the weak link is your processor here....Celerons have never been good gaming processors and even with a clock speed of 2.6GHZ will struggle.You really need a P4, or better still for gaming an Athlon64 set up.There are still socket478 P4's available so you should be able to upgrade depending on your motherboard if funds allow.The 9600xt should cope with HL2 at reasonable resolutions if you keep AA/AF switched off.Driven by a decent processor(Athlon Fx55!!!) frame rates of around the mid 40's per second at 1280x1024 resolution (noAA/AF) were achieved by GigaHz magazine with a 9600xt(Issue No3).

  Praxis99 09:15 21 Apr 2005


The issue you refer to is for the 9600Pro not the 9600XT. Remember you can always re-enable if it causes problems, however my experience is that it will not and in my case has made the problems I was having from frequent in game crashes in UT2004(pretty much the only game I play these days)to a scrambled screen when resuming from standby go away.

  gudgulf 12:43 21 Apr 2005

...fair enough but I doubt whether fast writes are the issue here anyway.I still think this is simply a processor that is well out of it's depth with the most demanding of games.It's not actually crashing as such,just running a slide show!

  garrema 13:42 21 Apr 2005

Can't help with details on this particular card but it should be OK with the apps you mention. You can test the processor performance with this application and also the overall graphics performance represented as a 3D mark Score.
You need to find where you stand re graphics performance - click here

Install and run this from a reboot and report your score back here. Inc CPU score.

You can see how your processor hold up here - click here
(regards to Topcat)
I have just compared your processor with a P4 2.6Ghz and yours is ~45% of the P4s performance with the Doom3 test.
It is your processor.


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