95 to 98SE

  nogga 10:53 16 Nov 2003

I have an old 200Mhz computer running win 95 which is on a 1GB H/drive, as pri master and the CD rom pri slave, with a 8GB second drive which I installed after it was removed from this main computer. The 8GB is on as sec slave, as was the 240MB drive it replaced. I would like to put win98SE full install on the 1GB instead of win95. Can any of you kind computer buffs out there advise please.
The other alternative I have considered is making the 8GB the master with the CD ROM as slave and the 1GB as secondry master. The 8GB drive was formatted before it was removed from this computer.
I need to know the full procedure if anyone would be kind enogh

  Taran 11:34 16 Nov 2003

The simplest way would be to run a Windows 98 Upgrade disk, if you have one. I'll assume that you have a standard Windows 98 disk, in which case you need to make sure you can get all the hardware drivers you may need for graphics, sound, network cards and so on.

Rather than type out an entire walkthrough here for you, here are a few links to web pages where everything is explained in detail:

click here

click here

and click here where you can download a self extracting bootdisk image with generic CD ROM drivers to create your own Windows 98 startup floppy disk.

Using the methods detailed in the links above will wipe your hard drive of everything and give you a clean install of just Windows. Any application software (Office, SmartSuite and similar) will have to be installed after Windows.

If you want to avoid this, your only option is to source a Windows 98 Upgrade CD that will bring the existing Windows 95 install up to Windows 98 while preserving your data files and programs, although you may still have to reinstall one or two programs afterwards.

If you have an specific questions, post again, but the enclosed links should get you up and running.



  nogga 19:21 17 Nov 2003

thanks Taran, Ive printed the instructions out and will have a go at it, the only thing is, I can't seem to find the motherboard driver disk. Still, its only an old computer that I experiment on.

  R4 19:33 17 Nov 2003

Whats the Motherboard, There are sites that have archived drivers.

  nogga 19:56 18 Nov 2003

Thanks R4. I might have to do that. Its an Intel i430TX motherboard.

  R4 19:34 21 Nov 2003

The Intel i403Tx Drivers are here :: click here*+98+SE&submit=Go%21

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