[DELETED] 00:04 06 Dec 2003

I hope some one can help me on this one. I use Potoshop, and when I print anything off I can get three boarders alright but the footer is always half an inch wide, and no matter what I try I can't get it any less, even using Image And Canvas size in PS. Has any had this problem,and cured it??. The 940c is an excellent printer, it's just this problem. Any help-suggestions will as usual be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  [DELETED] 00:22 06 Dec 2003

Do you mean the border at the bottom of the page is an half inch up from the end of the paper? If so, then there's probably not much you can do about it.

Most printers [Not all] will not print down to the very edge of the paper. I think it's because the feed rollers need to grip that last little bit and therefore the printhead can't reach to print it. j.

  woodchip 00:26 06 Dec 2003


It's how the driver as been writen, If you was in LINUX it would load a LINUX driver and would print to near the bottom of page I know because I have done it

  [DELETED] 01:55 06 Dec 2003

going to keep an eye on this thread as i have a 920c and have the same problem with Word

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