939 cpu upgrade

  bolo 00:23 20 Apr 2007

I am looking to upgrade my socket 939 mobo (probably for the last time). Have a single core 3800+ in it at the Moment and want to go dual core. I know the mobo doesn't support AM2 and only carries DDR but manual says dual core is supported. Anybody know what the max dual core non AM2 processor I can use?

My Mobo: Asustek A8N SLI SE Socket 939 nForce 4 SLI PCI-E ATX

  ashdav 00:41 20 Apr 2007

I doubt you will notice any difference.
Why do you want to go dual core ?

  User-312386 00:45 20 Apr 2007


what do you mean "I doubt you will notice any difference."

If he is into video editing etc etc then he will notice the difference

I think that board goes up to the X24200

  bolo 00:56 20 Apr 2007

Yeh, fed up of the pc stalling when running multiple apps, Noticed non AM2 cpu's are a lot more expensive, would like to keep it under £125 for a non-oem

  User-312386 01:24 20 Apr 2007

click here for the x2 4200

This is an OEM, just means no fan to be honest. The CPU is not locked with the MOBO or O/S



  bolo 22:52 25 Apr 2007

further to my listing regarding socket 939 processor upgrade, I have decided to throw the towel in and go (willingly) for Am2.
My intentions are:
Am2 5600+
2Gb DDR2 suggestions please (need to stay relatively mainstream to keep cost down)
Gigabyte GA M57SLI-S4 SKT AM2 Nvidia MCP55P PCI-E Mobo
I have all other devices from present setup ( 2 Dvdrw's, 3sata hdd drives and floppy, creative audigy 2 s'card, 600 watt psu, cooler master case.

Any body see anything wrong with my mobo choice regarding upgrading in the future, compatable ram advice welcome if this mobo chosen.

All advice as always appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 23:01 25 Apr 2007

I use Crucial for my memory now. I realise you can get it cheaper but the amount of time I've wasted on a computer doing weird things and then discovering its the memory is aweful.
Don't buy cheap RAM its a waste of time.

  bolo 23:45 25 Apr 2007

I have crucial in my asus A8N-SE at the moment, not the fastest stuff out there but its no trouble, Cheers!
Any thoughts on the mobo i chose?

  ashdav 01:13 26 Apr 2007

If you get a AMD dualcore cpu then read this click here and follow the first post to the letter.
It will avoid any problems.
It solved a couple of niggles for me.
When buying memory get 2x512M or 2x1G rather than one stick of the total value you want.This will allow Hyperthreading to operate and will speed things up.

I've got a dualcore myself and apart from number crunching apps (video editing as you said) I've not noticed an appreciable difference over my previous XP2500 Athlon.
If any user insists on running multiple apps at once then any computer will run into problems.

  dazza39 11:41 26 Apr 2007

I have A8N-SE mobo Skt 939,I fell i don't to change for sake of it,it can use AMD64/FX X2 etc processors amd suits my purposes for gaming etc..though I might upgrade my RAM,lol.

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