doug 14:15 12 Mar 2003

Anyone running a book as to when we pass the 90,000 mark. I'm not sying anything after what I did to the site at Christmas. Thanks to everyone inc. FE and all those others for making this such popular and successful site

  g0slp 14:22 12 Mar 2003

that we don't all try & log on at the same time!

But seriously, it would be interesting to know how many are actually active, even if in "read only" mode.

  Shagrin1 14:25 12 Mar 2003

I would like to add my thanks for all the help I have received over the years in answer to the usually stupid problems I have sent in, I would buy you all a pint (virtually) for your help.

  watchful 18:08 12 Mar 2003

I think the helpers would find a literal pint even better!

  doug 20:06 17 Mar 2003

Well there we go. Now on to 100,000. What will the mag do for that special event?

  A Pound of Sausages 20:26 17 Mar 2003

Shut another section probably

  watchful 20:33 17 Mar 2003

I'd like to see the Lounge re-opened because It had already gone when I came here. Just to see what it was like.

  Forum Editor 23:16 17 Mar 2003

to A Pound of Sausages for his/her touching faith in our forum management.

I can clearly remember when we were approaching 15,000 registrations, and we were all quite excited at the prospect of having so many. Now here we are with almost six times that number, and although the rate at which the total increases has slowed it shows no sign of stopping.

Some people are always quick to point out that there are 'dead' registrations, and of course that's true, but even if we make an extremely generous allowance for that we still have a huge number of active forum users. Every day and every night there are thousands of you online at any one time, and as we often point out, the number of people who post to the forum is only a tiny fraction of the total number who are here to read only - "Lurkers" as some people call them.

Everyone is welcome - provided they observe the code of conduct we've outlined under the 'site policy' link at the bottom of this page - and we look forward to seeing the 100,000 figure come up at some point in the future.

  User-312386 23:21 17 Mar 2003

Would it not be a good idea to have some sort of link/active members somewhere in the forum, so people can see how many people are online at one time?


  spuds 00:49 18 Mar 2003

The Lounge was a great discussion media, with plenty of good comment.Sometimes it got slightly heated, but in general all good fun, as know doubt 'China' will testify.

PS.That was the days before China was made Forum Editor, and Guy Dixon ran it on his ownsome.Just wonder how many of the old gang are still with us under perhaps new usernames !!.

  watchful 07:32 18 Mar 2003

It sounds great that, bet there was a lot of humour there too.

I came here about 1 year ago and have been wondering where some of the, what seemed to be, regulars have gone or if they've changed their names.

Such as northamuk, Dr Fixit, Ben-uk, Jakeyteek, Dr Charles and many more. Perhaps they just hover around.

madboy33™ - that's an interesting idea.

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