Is 8x AGP graphhic card compatible with 4x AGP??

  leroy1260 12:41 12 Jul 2008

Now I am confused about one thing that is this
"NVIDIA Geforce 7300 GT 512mb DDR2 AGP 8x" graphic card...
My system has a 1.24 DDR RAM and 4x AGP graphic slot .The graphic card has '512MB DDR2' written in it,does this means that the graphic card is compatible with system with DDR2 RAM only and not with DDR RAM..
And also will 8xAGP work on a 4xAGP?????...

  User-312386 12:46 12 Jul 2008

Yes 8x will work on a 4x and visa versa but you are limited to 4x slot

  Armchair 12:56 12 Jul 2008

It will work alright.

The DDR2 refers to the video RAM on the 7300 itself. It has no relation to your system RAM. If you're gaming, I wouldn't opt for a graphics card with such slow RAM, though. I assume it's cheap/free?

  Stuartli 13:25 12 Jul 2008

An 8x AGP graphics card will work OK, but will only work at 4x in your AGP slot - as the 4x/8x speeds are not linear as might be presumed, the performance of the card is unlikely to be as much as perceived.

Could be worth checking in the Bios if you can Enable the AGP slot for 8x.

  Armchair 13:35 12 Jul 2008

The performance difference between a card set to 4x or 8x is negligible.

  leroy1260 15:51 12 Jul 2008

I have not yet bought a 4x/8x AGP graphic card but I wanted to buy one ..will the NVIDIA graphic card in my initial posting be a good choice.......or you suggest some other one which is best and also cheap.......

  Stuartli 16:09 12 Jul 2008

You can have either an ATi or nVidia AGP graphics card, but remember that the choice is more limited these days with the advent of updated graphics card technology.

  Ditch999 16:18 12 Jul 2008

It depends on both the graphics card and your motherboard if a card will work or not.
click here and look at the table entitled Motherboard and Card Compatibility.

  Armchair 18:50 12 Jul 2008

The best AGP card is the Radeon 3850. You can get one for £90 delivered.

click here

Other half decent AGP cards are becoming hard to find (new, at least. I dunno about ebay). Anyhoo, the 3850 is the best one, and if your power supply is okay and you aren't harp-up for cash, I say go for it.

  I am Spartacus 19:42 12 Jul 2008
  kalignorgna 12:53 14 Jul 2008

yes AGP 4x is compatable with AGP8x and vice versa you can also get PCI-E cards that are compatable to AGP8x/4x these cards are rubbish compaired to any newer card but so your system if u have AGP4x so don't realy matter much and you can get a card from around £20 sometimes less depending where u shop. also note that any card you buy will only go at 4x speed and no faster (without a flash atlest).

also DDR with a AGP4x don't sound right to me any broad with DDR should have at least AGP8x for example my old pc which was a time MSI broad (bout 8yrs old now) had 512MB of SDRAM AMD 1.5 cpu with a AGP4x slot with grapics card. however if its your grapics card its sayin GPU and DDR sizes (if its a old card still unlickly to be DDR though).

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