8x AGP on A 4xAGP motherboard

  Pogi2002 12:38 28 Sep 2003

Would an 8x AGP graphics card work on a motherboard with and AGP bus on 4x?

  bremner 12:46 28 Sep 2003

Yes no problem

  Pogi2002 13:36 28 Sep 2003

The graphics card in question is a MSI FX5600-VTDR128 and the Pc is a MESH Matrix 1400GT DDR about 3 years old.

  citadel 14:22 28 Sep 2003

it will work but only at 4x

  Diemmess 15:57 28 Sep 2003

Faced with a slightly similar problem I was told the supply voltage needs and the edge connectors differ and incompatibles will not plug in. It was news to me at the time though I could see for myself the difference, but am I talking nonsense in Pogi2002's case?

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