8mm cassettes types of tapes

  bluetwo 10:44 07 Mar 2018

I have a Sanyo VM-RZ1P Video8 Camcorder which is not working properly. I have a lot of Video8 cassettes which are full and I want to transfer to PC/DVD. I am, therefor , looking for a cheap camcorder to transfer the tapes. I am getting, on ebay, 8mm,Hi8 and video 8 camcarders. Can someone tell me - are thrse different types of tape or diferent names for the same ite,? Thank you.

  Forum Editor 15:02 07 Mar 2018

You can play your original tapes on either type of camera, but you can't use a video8 camera to play a tape that was recorded on a video Hi8 camera.

  bluetwo 09:16 08 Mar 2018

Hi, Forum Editor, Thank you for your help. Much obliged. Regards.

  bluetwo 11:56 11 Apr 2018

Hi all,. I've ditched the Sanyo - it was defect. I have a Canon MV5i camcorder with a lot of cassettes and want to transfer the cassette contents to DVD. Which is the best/cheapest way to transfer? Thank you all.

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