8Mb broadband is on its way

  Noelg23 15:42 23 Nov 2004

I dont know if this has been said yet but go to click here and check it out...its not all yet been enabled everywhere but unless you live in London then you will be waiting a while...Aberdeen hasnt even got a look in yet but Edinburgh and Glasgow has...now just think of the endless possiblities children...8Mb connection and for the price, you cannot complain can you!

  GaT7 16:00 23 Nov 2004

8MB is OUT of this WORLD!!!

Hmph...it seems I'm still stuck in the Stone Age with my 56K dialup : ( . UkOnline is an excellent ISP - have used them in the past when they've had some special deals. G

  [email protected] 17:56 23 Nov 2004

8Mb has been advertised here in France for the last month'ish, for 15euro's/month. 2Mb is the most common for about the same price on existing contracts. Some areas still unable to receive internet at all!. All good stuff for the huge file useres.

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