8mb BB, will the router take it ?

  Ikelos 20:32 21 Apr 2006

hi, thinking of BT BB, i already have the 2mb service, but to sign up to the 8mb service they want you to sign for another 12 months, now to the question.... how can i tell if my wireless BB router, which is a Netgear DG834G ver2. will take it...there is list on the BT site, but, of course, they are the one's they sell.


  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:35 21 Apr 2006

If it's a 54Mb router there should not be a problem. Biggest problem is getting 8Mb, you may only get half that depends on many things.

  Jackcoms 20:36 21 Apr 2006

Yes, it will click here

  Ikelos 20:36 21 Apr 2006

hi, whats a 54mb router? thanks

  Ikelos 20:37 21 Apr 2006

thank you, I will have some of it.....

  De Marcus™ 20:39 21 Apr 2006

Pretty much any wireless router will take 8mb broadband and beyond.

  Jackcoms 20:40 21 Apr 2006

"whats a 54mb router?

A router that can handle speeds up to 54Mbps - far in excess of the 8Mbps you propose.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:48 21 Apr 2006

54Mbps is the theoretical maximum speed of the Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11g wireless network interface. It has no bearing on the maximum ADSL broadband speed an ADSL router can support.

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