8gb mem & three graph cards problem

  woody 17:30 18 Jul 2008

I am about to purchase a new made to measure PC.
8gb mem needs 62 bit OS but i am told it still causes a problem - blue screen etc.
A motherboard with provision for three graph cards @PCI-X16 needs two identical cards (for SLI) but (i am told)the third must be different!
Has anyone come across the mem problem?
I do understand the need for two identical cards but why does it need the third to be different?
Has anyone come across this problem?

A three way sli should now be possible - have any of you got it?

  citadel 19:22 18 Jul 2008

in a recent massive test in custom pc mag with every kind of sli or crossfire, two, three, and four cards, they found that only 9800gtx2 that works in one slot was worth having.

  woodchip 19:24 18 Jul 2008

Why 8gb mem

  [email protected] 21:05 18 Jul 2008

if it's made to measure, you must need this spec, if the people building it cant give you answers, i really wouldnt trust them to make your system. im guessing this isnt a gaming pc, what will it be used for? the problem with any sli set up is you don't get the worth out of the second or third card, 2 8800 ultras will never give you double the performance of a single card, thats why some concider it a waste. but need to know what it's going to be used for really.

  Ditch999 22:19 18 Jul 2008

Check out the Nvidia Sli Zone click here where you can get all the info for Sli.
Nvidia now say that as long as the GPU is the same that Sli will work click here*&p_li=&p_topview=1
If the 3rd one is different it will not work.

  woody 00:22 19 Jul 2008

I experiment with large graph files and I hope 8gb with the right OS will be faster than say 4gb.
MB are built for 8gb so it is disappointing if 8gb does not work satisfactory.

Adman 2.
I use three cards for multi screens one (very) large desktop.IF I can use SLI it would be an added bonus because as I understand the system you get some extra power to the screen you are working on.I know you can go the other way and use one card with a number of outlets but then the card power is reduced.
I do not need SLI but do prefer 3 identical cards and it would be a pity not to have the extra benefit.
As i understand SLI - 3 cards would give not 3 times the power but poss 2.5.Even if it was only a factor of 2 i would prefer it if possible.

  woodchip 17:46 19 Jul 2008

8Gb still seems to me more than you will ever need. i do Video and Video files are bigger by a mile than Photos. Never come across one running into Gigs even with more than one open. I would have thought 4gig would be enough

  woody 15:39 20 Jul 2008

You take me back a quarter of a century.
The mags of the day were full of letters similar to your post asking why anyone would need such large mem - the starting point was circa 16K - yes 16K.
We actualy wrote programs ,that worked,in under 1KB of code!
From my point of view there is only one reason not to have 8Gb - that is if it does not work.
These days some of us like numerous programs working in the background - firewall etc.
Then there are programs such as better clocks than the standard issue - or even more than one clock (time zone).
Next we have the programs we are actually using plus the file(s) we are working on.
When i manipulate a file it automatically saves the alteration - more mem use.
Lets not forget the OS itself.

I accept that some of my graphics push the "envelope" beyond the PC which is used for email/news group and a bit of video editing.
A mem of 1gb or 2 gb will deal with that.
You may be surprised to learn that I have found graphic programs which can not handle my normal files.
This is not because of the file type - quite understandable - but because they have a low threshold on size.
The internet mainly uses files of say under 100kb with a graphic file of not usually more than 3MB.
Today's standard dig camera is shall we say around 6MB with top end circa >12MB
My files are circa 700MB or more.
In the good "old days" we would debate that having lots of mem encouraged sloppy programming.Why struggle to make smaller files/programs.
There were magazines that supplied "open source" programs and told us how to alter them - in other words how to learn comp language.
I wish they would do the same today.

Thanks to all of you for the replies.

  woody 15:40 20 Jul 2008


  woodchip 17:11 20 Jul 2008

Some of the Mags you talk about, I am about to bin as I still have a lot

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