8800gt Graphics card broken?

  sleepy01 20:34 17 Aug 2008

Hi, ive been using an EVGA Geforce 8800gt for nearly 4 months now bought from new and have had no problems with this card using it to play PC games.
Thats until my PC totally locked up on me whilst browsing the net and i had to reset the PC.
Since starting PC again I now get a pattern of dots on my start up screen and the PC will not enter my profile unless i use safe mode but then my modem wont work.

Ive now put in an old graphics card which at least enables me to access the net and this site.
Id just like to know is my card fried and is there anything i can do to repair the problem before i try and return it?, ive had a look at it and there are no marks and no burning smell.
I fear its died on me but maybe some one knows a trick or two to get it working.

Many thx in advance.

  MAT ALAN 20:53 17 Aug 2008

If its still under a warranty agreement send it back...

  sleepy01 22:23 17 Aug 2008

Yes i will but was wondering if its driver issue, im using 175.16 nvidia drivers. Other thing would formating help, could it be corrupted files?

  GaT7 22:37 17 Aug 2008

You could try uninstalling all drivers, then physically installing the card & reinstalling the drivers.

If no joy, try installing it on another PC - a friend's perhaps - to confirm whether something's wrong with the card or not.

Do you know if the cooling fan's running? Use a program like Riva Tuner click here to check temperatures. What PSU do you have? G

  sleepy01 23:38 17 Aug 2008

Got a 550 corsair psu should be plenty, cant confirm the fan as card out of machine atm but have tried updating drivers and still problem.
Like idea of trying in friends PC will ask tomorrow tho realistically cant see anyone wanting to put a fubared card into their machine but maybe.
Im pretty sure scan will accept card back as its only 3 month old and hasnt been o'clocked or tampered with.

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