8800GT - crashing on xp

  simmo09 16:10 09 Jul 2008

hi, its a new pc i have just got recently, anyway i have just formatted it and put xp pro sp2 on, just installed my creative sound drivers, seems ok. installed my 8800GT drivers and i seem to be having problems with it. sometimes the pc freezes at the welcome screen, or very shortly after. also nvidia control panel crashes if i try to view the system information. just installed call of duty 4, game crashes almost immediately and dxdiag tests fail, again freezing the pc.

Whats needed, im sure its the graphics, but maybe im wrong. is it the drivers?


  mazuk 16:12 09 Jul 2008

Chances are it is the graphics card drivers try looking for previous versions or try alternatives such as omega drivers which are slightly tweaked. If it was the card itself it would most probulay wouldn't give an output at all or it wouldn't crash on specific activities.

  crosstrainer 16:26 09 Jul 2008

If it's under warranty, take it back. If not, open the case (DISCONNECT all cables first) Then remove and re-seat the graphics card.

Re-boot, and install the latest drivers from:

click here

  nosharpe 16:35 09 Jul 2008

I had a little difficulty with my 8800GT after I downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia.
So I used the drivers from the CD supplied with the card and it worked fine.
I then downloaded the newer drivers from Nvidia and installed them without a hassle.

  simmo09 16:39 09 Jul 2008

thanks, will try the driver. its frustrating as hell, since i got the pc i had to format it twice, and still not got anything working on the dam thing. my 8800gt is the 1gb sli version if it makes any difference.

thanks again

  crosstrainer 17:02 09 Jul 2008

Just a thought....Is the extra power connector on the card connected to the required power connector on the power supply? If not you will have low power to the card and could be causing the problems you describe.

  Ditch999 19:17 09 Jul 2008

Was it a complete system or did you add the 8800GT yourself?
Those cards are very fussy about their power supply.

  simmo09 19:46 09 Jul 2008

now i am flustered, updated graphics drivers, aswell as sound, installing office xp freezes the pc, 2 games i tryed now crash as soon as the game loads. what to do?

  simmo09 19:47 09 Jul 2008

i bought the pc from cougar, as far as i was aware i just format it, put my xp on then install the motherboard,gfx and sound drivers provided on the cd. as for the extra power connector, im not sure?

  iscanut 19:48 09 Jul 2008

Talk to Cougar !

  simmo09 19:56 09 Jul 2008

edit: following crosstrainer's post about the extra cord, i thought about turning the fan right up at the back. tried tomb raider anniversary, seemed to work ok. tried call of duty again, but froze. restarted the pc and tried tomb raider again only to find lara in green legs and red face and hands, again freezing everything! does this mean a dodgee card or what?

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