8800GT 256mb with a 430w Tagan

  1080p 13:10 03 Nov 2008

Hi guys,

Quick question, will the following be ok with a 430W Tagan PSU with 20A 12v rails?

2x 500GB HDDs
1x DVDRW lightscribe
Core2Duo 1.8ghz 2mb L2
Card reader + 6 usb
8800GT 256mb (yet to be purchased)

Many thanks

  [email protected] 13:35 03 Nov 2008

from memory nvidia recommend 26amps combined 12 volt rails. you're cutting it very fine anyway IMHO.

  1080p 13:43 03 Nov 2008

The PSU says 28AMps combined

hmm, maybe I should opt for a slightly older 7900gt then - or perhaps take it back to 2GB of ram, would that help?

  1080p 13:48 03 Nov 2008

You're right about the combined rail requirement:

"A minimum 400W system power supply (with 12V current rating of 26A)"

However that is for a 512mb, will the 256 need significantly less juice?

  [email protected] 14:11 03 Nov 2008

i am probably the wrong person to ask, i used a cheap (within recommended specs) psu some years back with dire results. i now respect what the psu does and the damage it can cause. i think you're just within spec but it's a risk i wouldn't take. i think (not sure) that the old 320meg 8800gts and 640 meg had the same min specs, or were similar. i cant see ram being too greedy.

  citadel 19:21 03 Nov 2008

as it is a decent make of psu it should be ok.

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