8800 gts in intel101gc

  Djpcex 19:45 11 May 2007

intel 101gc has pci express v16 slot......... i am thinking of buying 8800gts ..... will ther be any prob?....... cause i don to mes up.....

  Totally-braindead 19:50 11 May 2007

Haven't looked at the board but if it definatly has a PCI Express x 16 slot then it will work with the 8800 or any other PCIE card but you must make sure your power supply is up to it, there will be a label on your power supply giving the wattage.
Less than 450 watts will need replaced, 450 watts might be ok depending. If you have to get a new one then better to go for an even higher rated one 550 watts +

  Djpcex 20:07 11 May 2007

i had a doubt cause.. it is the newest card and the board is the oldest one.... so i had to conform..... r ther any versions in pcix16??.... nothing as far as i know.. but stil.. like supporting diff freq .. any sort of???.....

  Totally-braindead 20:14 11 May 2007

Nothing like that. There are PCI slots, quite old now, white in colour and you usually have 3 or 4 of them. Theres also PCI Express completely different to PCI but there are 2 types. PCI x 16 are graphics card slots and any PCIE card will fit in it, nothing special to do, any PCI card will do, no altering any frequencies etc and lastly PCI Express x 1 much smaller than PCI x16 and they are for add on cards.
What addon cards you get I have no idea as I've never seen one.
But if you have a PCI Express x16 slot any PCIE card will do, providing your power supply is up to it.

  Totally-braindead 20:16 11 May 2007

If you look at this for example click here the long red one in this case is the PCIE x 16 slot, the 2 blue ones to the right are PCIE x 1 slots.

  Totally-braindead 20:19 11 May 2007

Oh by the way it just happens to be red, my PCIE slot is blue yours might be black it can be any colour. Just wanted to make sure it is a PCI Express x16 slot you have cos some boards came with PCIE x1 slots only. And they can't take a graphics card it must be a PCIE x 16 as you can see they are much larger so cannot be muddled up.

  Djpcex 17:29 13 May 2007

ok thank u man... i have pcix16 .. so no probs.. thank u again..

  [email protected] 17:38 13 May 2007

you need at least 20 amps on 1 rail for any g80 graphics card, wattage is neither here or there, for the gts 320 and 640 you only need one 6 pci connector or 2 sata connections, but make sure you have at the least 20 amps on the rail or it will grind to a halt.
the gts is just over 9 inches long and take up 2 expansion slots, it needs a fair bit off air round it and need a case with good airflow, the cards are good possibly better value than the gtx.
if you get a pre overclocked one watch the temps, they dont slow up or warn till 127c degrees, but trust me that heats up everything else by a fair amount.

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