8600k/8700k CPU and mid tower case recommendations

  PhillyG76 01:14 08 Sep 2018

I’m starting to build a new PC. Buying bits at a time as I save money. So far have an Asu Z370G mATX board and a single Corsair 8gb ram stick. For GPU I’m thinking of a gtx1070(maybe ti), and then later add another in SLI. But really can’t decide if it’s worth waiting and spending extra on the 8700k cpu. Basically I’ll have six extra threads, but believe not many games would take advantage of that. But want to future proof it. I’m sure the 8600k would be adequate for good gaming. But worried I’d kick myself in a few years time, if more games demanded the 8700k cpu. What’s people’s thoughts.

Next I was hoping to get the coolermaster lite5 RGB partly as it already has three fans so will save some money, and is cheap anyway but it looks very poor for ventilation. But a new MB511RGB is coming out soon that seems much better for air flow. Any ideas on cost? I hope to fit a Western Digital Black 4GB hard disk, and maybe a SAMSUNG 970 evo SSD probably 250Gb. Can anyone think of similar cases that I should consider? I’m hoping a can get away with a basic small CPU cooler not much more than £80. That won’t take up too much space. I probably will do a modest overclock, but If I can see big gains can be had, may get better cooling. I basically want something that looks simple, no thrills and is adequate for modest gaming. So I guess main question is is it really worth holding out and paying an extra £100 for the 8700k? A lot of questions I’m sorry but I will welcome any helpful opinions.

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