80Gb Hard Disk Wont Install Anything

  ThisNameIsMine 11:13 14 Jun 2003

I recently installed an 80Gb hard disk (74.5Gb formatted) and partitioned it into a 60Gb and a 14.5 Gb.I ran Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and chose the install path to the new 60Gb partiton. I came up with a message saying the path or folder was invalid. So did microsoft train simulator. I changed the drive letters and moved the 14.5 Gb partiton to the fornt of the drive, all to no avail. Both games will happily install on the 14.5 Gb partition and the other two partitons of my old 40 Gb hard disk. Have I wasted all my money? The only reason I bought the hard disk in the first place was to install games and now it seems i cant.

  toxin 11:42 14 Jun 2003

Hi ThisNameIsMine

Is your mbo capable of recognising a drive this size? Some old ones only goto 34mb.

Can you try 2 x 30mb instead of a single 60mb?

Hope this helps, Toxin.

  vinnyT 11:59 14 Jun 2003

I seem to remember that, unless you use a utility like partition magic, each partition needs to be formatted individually, so unless you formatted the 60Gb partition you will not be able to use it. (I think this is right, I'm going from memory).

  smiddy 12:56 14 Jun 2003

VinnyT is correct, well remebered!!

  ThisNameIsMine 14:17 14 Jun 2003

i bough my mbo about 10 months ago so i would of though it supports 60Gb partitons. I can save things to the disk, just not install things. I am gonna try fdisk.

  powerless 14:25 14 Jun 2003

What operating system you using?

  ThisNameIsMine 14:37 14 Jun 2003

Windows XP, Under advice from a local PC shop I have just deleted the partitions and made them again in DOS using the Windows XP CD as apposed to the Drive Manager in Computer managment.

  ThisNameIsMine 14:40 14 Jun 2003

cool, would you believe it! it now works! thanks anway u guys.

  powerless 14:41 14 Jun 2003

When you have your new partitions up and running.

Create a folder named "Program files"

Then launch setup and try to install to this folder on the seperate partiton.

  powerless 14:41 14 Jun 2003


Too slow.

  Bodi 17:07 14 Jun 2003

When you partitioned the disk did you make the primary partition active? I had a similar prob and hadn't actually made any partition on the new disk "active" - but you're probably not as absent minded as I am - lol

May help


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