802.11ac for an upto 20meg broadband service

  Pride park 00:07 07 Dec 2013

I think most of you have guessed the question, but when I first heard of this new standard, I was very interested, mainly as I'm hoping the wireless range will be better, but then someone stated what was probably too obvious, what's the point I having a router that can in theory transmit upto 1gbps, when your broadband will only go upto 20mbps? I'm guessing it's more for streaming things like from a bluray player to something, but that's what I'm unsure of, ie what sort of things can you do. But basically I just want a good modem router that offers a good range and can handle about 4 phones, two tablets and desktop pc, with the 802.11ac, I was thinking that by getting that I'd be future proof, but then it's still in draft standard so maybe it's worth waiting? Also what brands? Netgear seem popular, but I've got a belkin n150 which is 6ish yrs old, and not knowing much about them, it just works! And the n600 seems to fit the bill, but they don't seem to get brill reviews, but on here the linksys range seems quite impressive, but the belkin seems easy to use, but doesn't seem to offer much in way if tweaking options, but maybe for me that's good, but basically am I wasting money going For the 802.11ac standard? I am considering going for virgin broadband with maybe 60meg speed but, their routers seem good, sorry for babbling on but it seems hard to just look at what spec you need n just buy something that fits it lok

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