800x600 has disappeared!

  1981BrownMetro 16:58 03 Feb 2003

I switched on my computer this morning, and the screen was at 640x480 resolution, instead of the usual 800x600. I had not changed it. Now, when I go to the settings menu to change the resolution back to what it should be, I only get a choice of 1024x768, 960x720 or 640x480.

Please help!!

  Pesala 17:22 03 Feb 2003

Right-click on desktop, go to Settings Tab and tell us what it says. Mine says:

Display: Flatron795FT on S3 Graphics ProSavage KL/KM
Colors: True Color (32bit)
Screen area: 1024x768

Also what Operating System?
Is the graphics card correct for your system?

  1981BrownMetro 17:32 03 Feb 2003

it says:
Display: Packard Bell Monitor on 3dfx Voodoo3
Colors: High Color (16bit)
Screen Area: 1024x768

It is Win ME. It's just the screen area tab that will no longer let me select 800x600, which is the normal area for my screen. The graphics card is the same one as it's always been, and was there from new. Had no problems with screen area till now. Computer is totally unmodified from new.


  Djohn 18:22 03 Feb 2003

Go back to control panel/display and click on settings, then advanced, then adaptor, this will bring up your voodoo driver file.

In the drop down window, check that it is showing optimal. Click your way back out and re-boot. If this doesn't help then we will have a look at the monitor settings. J.

  1981BrownMetro 23:38 03 Feb 2003

Just tried Djohn's suggestion, with no luck. The 800x600 simply doesn't appear in the sliding screen size bar.

  Djohn 23:51 03 Feb 2003

Same as above but this time click on the monitor tab, then click on change, follow instructions from there.

When prompted by windows to look for new driver, select the option to look yourself, you will then be presented with a drop down list of monitors, make sure the correct one is chosen, then apply and click your way out as before.

  1981BrownMetro 00:33 04 Feb 2003

I rather stupidly hadn't tried the most obvious solution to any computer problem ever - switch the power off in the wall!!! When I switched it back on, everything was back to normal.

Thanks anyway for your help, much appreciated.

  Djohn 00:38 04 Feb 2003

1981BrownMetro, that's not stupid, just daft like me! I didn't think of it either. Still alls well now, enjoy your PC. Regards. J. ;o)

  Djohn 00:45 04 Feb 2003

PS. Just had a thought, if your M/board is a modern one that still has power supplied to it when turned off, then during the night you may have had a small power surge or spike, (that may explain the loss of setting).

If so it would be a good idea to buy a surge protector. Regards. J.

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