800Mhz RAM?

  Anti-Flag 13:08 06 Jan 2007


What's the difference between 533 677 and 800 Mhz Ram?

How much difference to the speed of the RAM would it make in real terms (putting it with an E6600 in case that makes any difference)?

The 800Mhz is a lot more money so I don't want to spend the extra money for no real difference (although if it may make a difference in the future I'd rather spend it now)

should I 100% avoid 533Mhz? I want a very fast computer


  Technotiger 13:24 06 Jan 2007

Hi, you appear to be getting mixed up with CPU speed 800Mhz, and RAM size Gb's. Can you please be a bit clearer with your question.

  Technotiger 13:25 06 Jan 2007

PS - i.e. do you want to upgrade you CPU or increase your RAM, or even both?

  ed-0 13:31 06 Jan 2007

Anti-Flag is talking about ram click here


I don't use that fast ram, just 533Mhz but this may help click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:31 06 Jan 2007

'533 677 and 800 Mhz' if you are talking about your CPU then there will be no discenible difference to mere mortals.

'I want a very fast computer'...why, Word will open just as quick as will any photo editing programmes. If you want it for games you will need much, much more.


  Technotiger 13:40 06 Jan 2007

Thanks friend, still not too old to learn, it is just that I have always associated Mhz with CPU, and Gb with RAM. - I did read through your click-here.


  ed-0 13:48 06 Jan 2007

I think Anti-Flag is looking for a super duper:-) computer.

The choice of ram coupled with the intel Core 2 Duo conroe E6600, suggests to me a fairly high end machine.

I think I have heard of some compatability proplems with the conroe to ram, I personally have not ventured that far because of cost. But I think I also heard that they had been overcome, the problems. Sorry to be vauge, but some of the people hear have gone to that level of system building.

  ed-0 14:13 06 Jan 2007

for the E6600, I think it's running 800Mhz ram.

games wise, it's coming out fairly good, to me. click here

Full comparison click here

  Anti-Flag 14:24 06 Jan 2007

Thanks all, I wasn't expecting such a quick response. Sorry about not being clear. I made reference to the cpu in case it the extra clock speed of the RAM would only make a difference with a fast processor.

Thanks for the article I've read it and will probably save my money. I had two choices (because of cost) either get 2GB RAM 800Mhz or 4GB RAM 677Mhz. I know 4GB is a lot but I will be doing video n imaging editing and CAD.

So you think that the money would be better spent on the 4gb option? (thats the impression I got from the article)


  terryf 14:27 06 Jan 2007

The operating system (windows) will NOT recognise more than 3gb ram, I have 2 x 1gb and 2 x 512 kb.

  Anti-Flag 14:58 06 Jan 2007

even Vista?

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