80 Gig Seagate drive shows only 31.4 Gig

  numinbah 13:24 12 May 2005

Hi All,
After having serious trouble with a drive that suddenly lost all of its contents, and showed that the drive was either Raw or Bad depending on what I used to look at the drive and not able to do any thing with it useing Partition magic not able to Re partition it in fact not able to do anything much except format which I did. I have now got the drive to work but it only shows its size to be
31.4 Gig and I cannot alter this in Partition Magic. So where has 49 Gig gone.
Just to make it a little more difficult the drive in question is external now, originally it was interal. The drive does not appear when working in Dos. I have read somewhere about a 32 limitation any idears about this would help me sort this out

  SEASHANTY 13:28 12 May 2005

Click on number 8
click here

  SEASHANTY 13:31 12 May 2005

You may also get some idea off this Google page
click here+

  joseph K 14:01 12 May 2005

Perhaps click here will help?

  SEASHANTY 16:43 12 May 2005

An 80GB drive probably has two disc platters. The fact that Partition Magic will do nothing with it would make it likely that indeed one of the platters has gone kaput. Just in case it fails completely I would backup to a new drive as much as you can salvage.

  SEASHANTY 16:47 12 May 2005

I should have added that I have had two Seagate 120GB drives go faulty in two different PC's in the past few months. One of these drives was only in use three months and it was grinding away taking windows 7 to 10 minutes to load. I cloned this to a Maxtor drive & made it boot drive. Have now dumped the Seagate. Replacement by Seagate was refused due to it being a component item not a retail purchase.
The Maxtor now boots into windows XP in less than 1 minute.

  DieSse 16:48 12 May 2005

What manufacturer is it.

For Seagate download (free) Seatools which will do a complete diagnostic run on the drive.

For Maxtor get MaxBlast

For others go to the mfrs web page.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:50 12 May 2005

If Its only showing 31.4G then the mostly problem is that it has a 32G clip jumper fitted.

Check for this jumper on the rear of the drive.

  jimv7 16:55 12 May 2005

Is your psu adequate for the amount of drives you are running, as a faulty psu can damage the drives, I have had this happen in the past.

  numinbah 01:45 06 Jun 2005

Hi,To everyone that gave me advice on my problem.
To date I have been unable to solve the problem it seems to have become worse, I am unable to access the disk at all, but I still do not think the problem is mechanical. Its an intresting problem I will keep at it untill I know one way or another


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