80 GBS - what to do with it?!

  TJ Macintosh 23:15 30 Aug 2003

Hi everyone, I have just purchased a Western Digital Caviar Special Edition 80Gb harddrive. This was because the 20Gb harddrive in my PC had almost run out of space, an I have had to uninstall a few programmes, to create space. Now should I just leave the files for the Operating system on the 20Gb harddrive, and uninstall all programmes and applications and reinstall them on the 80Gb harddrive?

This seems personally to be the best option, in my mind. Also can u tell me how I should partition this drive?! "20 20 20 20", "40 40", or "30 30 20" or something different?!

PLease note I will definitly not change the 20Gb from Primary Master to Primary Slave, id rather leave it as is, because both drives are 7200RPMS.

  powerless 23:17 30 Aug 2003

Install O/s to 80GB and all your file and programs.

Use the 20 as a backup or maybe another o/s.

Partition however you like.

  Wak 09:46 31 Aug 2003

I agree with Powerless. I would install XXCOPY on the 20Gb, install the 80Gb as slave and partition as required, clone everything from the 20Gb to the main partition on the 80Gb.
Now make the 80Gb as Master, the 20Gb as slave and use as a permanent back-up facility.
It's quick and easy to clone from one disc to another with XXCOPY.

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