80 GB hard drive ? not really 80 GB

  Bambina 11:19 18 Apr 2005

About 2mnths ago, I bought Dell dimension 3000 online with a supposed hard drive of 80 GB. Out of curiosity, I chk properties yesterday and this is result:
Used space: 9,297,055,744 bytes, comes up as 8.65 GB
Free Space: 67,699,789,824 bytes, comes up as 63.0 GB
Capacity: 76,996,845,568 bytes, comes up as 71.7 GB.
I contacted Dell by email and this was the response: 'Thank you for contacting Dell Online Customer Care. As per our records the order contains 80GB . Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to
reply to this mail directly'.

This sounds like sweeping under the carpet. Anyone got any advice, should I pursue it further? Is the discrepancy normal?

Thank you. Sorry to be so long-winded.

  Noelg23 11:25 18 Apr 2005

u say u had for 2 months now? is there anything that you have installed or downloaded in those two months that may have taken up the space? bearing in mind even if it says 80GB its not always that size cos at least 3-4GB of it is hidden as in its a hidden partition and that hidden partition is probably your recovery section in case your system goes pear shaped...I maybe wrong so I am open to correction...but I think that should be the problem...

  Audeal 11:38 18 Apr 2005

It is quite common that 1 gig = 1000 meg. But, I think these figures are correct, that in truth 1 gig = 1024 meg. It makes it easyer to work out but gives you a false reading.

Also as Noelg23 states some space is used for the system to use and therfore reduces the size a bit further. I would not worry about it if I where you.

  Bambina 11:40 18 Apr 2005

Thanks for your response. Yes I have installed programs. But surely the overall capacity of the C drive should come up on properties as 80 gb, or almost, regardless whether or not files are hidden. If I've used up the space then that should be accounted for in the usage figure, shouldn't it? So that the total usage and free would add up. Incidentally, I have checked for hidden files.

  Ancient Learner 11:57 18 Apr 2005

Right click 'My Computer' - Choose 'Manage' then 'disk management'; this will show the proper content of your HDD and any hidden partition.

  [email protected]@ 12:01 18 Apr 2005

I have two 80g hard drives in my pc and both show up as 74.5g total size.

I think it's because manufacturers like to say 1g = 1000mb but in reality it is 1024mb just as Audeal says in his posting.

  TomJerry 12:02 18 Apr 2005

80gb (in marketing) equal 74.5GB in computing

80/1.024/1.024/1.024 = 74.5

the rest 3GB is used in a hidden partition to store a HDD image for Recovery purpose.

  woodchip 12:03 18 Apr 2005

What you have is a Hard Drive that is now reckoned on 1000Mb as 1Gb where as it should be 1024 per 1Gb. You also have Restore files that you cannot check for the size, and this is where you space is going

  TomJerry 12:06 18 Apr 2005

control panel, adminstrative tool, computer management, disk management

if you want to have a complete audit of your computer HDD component, you can use

aida32 click here

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  Bambina 13:01 18 Apr 2005

Thank you all for your replies. It would seem then that there's no prob. Curiously though, a pal got a 80 GB Dell dimension round about the same time on which he's got an awful lot of programs installed, and his 'properties' shows as a total of 80 GB.
Thank you all again for taking the time to respond.

  Nigel-331402 13:31 18 Apr 2005

Just to muddy the waters a little, a lot of companies specify disc capacity in its unformated/unpartitioned state. I've got a 200GB external drive which, when formatted, gives around 180GB.

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