8 people one router

  econerd1986 16:17 05 Nov 2008

Hi, My mate lives in student house with 8 people and they have issues with their wireless router slowing down when there all using it. They have been looking for a better one but not had much success. I was wondering if anyone knew of a relatively cheap router that will run fast with all 8 people using it.
Thanks in advance.

  Rahere 16:23 05 Nov 2008

8 people sharing the same adsl line will slow it down and wireless is generally slower - what they could try is using homeplugs - these use the wiring in the house as a network and can boost speeds on the network a lot...try ebuyer.com for an idea of prices/speeds

The best solution is to upgrade the connection speed if possible - there are some suppliers be and virgin offering 20mb+ connections - great if it's an option in their area....

  Fingees 16:26 05 Nov 2008

If 8 people are using the router, the slowing down is probably caused by the line speed to your isp, rather than the router.

The line will be shared by all 8, therefore it be 8 times slower effectively than if one person was using it.

Router won't make a lot of difference.

  econerd1986 16:27 05 Nov 2008

thanks, they have virgin already. not sure what speed it is thought. i will let him know what you said and see what he says about it.

  wjrt 16:35 05 Nov 2008

the greatest slowdown sharing connections is downloading large files and will always slow things right down

  woodchip 19:22 05 Nov 2008

As above the BT line will only allow so much down it. If everybody turned a clod tap on 8 taps you would see the same thing water would probably drop to a trickle

  econerd1986 12:00 06 Nov 2008

no they have the best speed of virgin, which is cabled, so there's no issues with the BT line there. Thanks anyway though guys.

  mgmcc 12:23 06 Nov 2008

Also bear in mind that, if connecting "wirelessly" to the router, the nominal data transfer speed of 802.11g is 54Mbps but in practice will be closer to 30Mbps. If that 30Mbps is then shared by 8 connections, each will have less than 4Mbps bandwidth at best.

You could actually "daisy chain" a second wireless Cable/DSL router with the main one (connect its WAN port to one of the main router's LAN ports) and have 4 users connecting to each router. If any users can connect by ethernet cable instead of "wirelessly" that would also be advantageous.

  Covergirl 12:28 06 Nov 2008

They are quoted as 300mbps whereas a "G" will only deliver around 54mbps.

Obviously I don't know what your current router is and you may already be on a Draft N.

Then there's the issue of compatibility. You'll need to find out whether one would work on your system, but it's just an idea.

  Rahere 12:34 06 Nov 2008

The cabling could get messy and long runs require expensive cat6 cable which is why I suggested using homeplugs - depending on the model these offer much higher speeds than most wireless connections.

Just checked ebuyer click here and they have a range of these up to a 200mpbs speed. Also listed are homeplug wireless extenders and ethernet hubs using the same technology. read the reviews there for advice and help.

Good luck

  econerd1986 14:01 06 Nov 2008

thanks guys that's great, i will let him know and see what he says. thanks again for the help.

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