8 month old SAMSUNG LCD TV just DIED!!!

  AngeTheHippy 21:51 01 Oct 2006

Hi Chaps...
Just sat down and was watching Cracker, getting into it when...my 8 month old Samsung LE32R41BD LCD TV just turned off on its own! First thing, checked the fuse in plug - that was fine. Next plugged into different socket - same thing! TVs DEAD!! Nothing happened before this incident - no flickering picture, sound loss, nothing. I've been looking in the user manual, maybe there's a reset button, but can't find any reference to one.

Has anyone else had this? I'll be on the phone to Play.com/Samsung first thing tomorrow!!


  DieSse 22:22 01 Oct 2006

It'll be under warranty - just go back to the supplier.

  AngeTheHippy 22:28 01 Oct 2006

yeah it is under warrenty, but crikey - 8 MONTHS???? The old CRTs just went on, and on, and on... I'm pretty hackedd of with this. My son has the same model, and he was well surprised when I phoned - what's more, he leaves his on stand-by ALL the time, whereas I turn it off at the socket when not being watched!!

I had a spare power cable too that I tried, just to try all avenues but still nothing.

So do ya think I should call Play.com first?


  DieSse 22:32 01 Oct 2006

I think you should call the supplier first - if that's play.com, then them.

Some things fail within the warranty period - that's why you have a warranty - even some CRTs fail after a short time!

  AngeTheHippy 22:38 01 Oct 2006

stuff fails all the time - even sometimes on unpacking an item can be faulty! But wouldn't ya think, with the prices of these TVs that they would fail rather less than the norm? I'm fed up, I've MISSED Cracker now, so gonna sulk and go to bed. Yeah, I'll call play.com first thing. They seemed very helpful when I first got it, I had an issue with DVD recorder/home cinema DVD, and they helped out then...

Nitey nite,


  powerless 22:53 01 Oct 2006

Cracker is good by the way!

  Stuartli 23:01 01 Oct 2006

You have just been unlucky. There are hundreds of LCD and plasma TVs in use, for instance, in public places that have returned thousands of hours' use without any problems.

  DieSse 23:14 01 Oct 2006

*But wouldn't ya think, with the prices of these TVs that they would fail rather less than the norm?*

Maybe they do fail less - but some will still fail - and you've been unlucky enough to have one that did.

That's life!

  josie mayhem 23:22 01 Oct 2006

Sorry to hear your telly died!

I brought a telly 15 years ago (remember well, just before I had my daughter, her birthday is near the end of the month) it now sits in the corner of the bedroom still working, but doesn't so digital.

I replaced it with a wided screen when it hit 12 years old, just in case! That wide screen lasted until early this year and it died while hubby was watching it, and boy did it stink....

Brought a goodmans widescreen for cash, I wont buy a t.v (nor computers) on credit, the Goodmans lasted 10 weeks and died... exchanged it for a Philips, only to find that they had tried to up-grade the software for the digital side of it and completley bullsed it up, and the digital kept on cutting out, and no-one really knew when another adtempt to recify the matter would be made, a real night mare.

But eventually they got the download/up-grade sorted, they were saying it might mean an engineer visit to manualy up-date, but couldn't even give a date on this...

But finger crossed, it working! but I still think that my old telly will out last (well until they turn of anelog anyway)

But back to the suppliers and get them to sort it....

  AngeTheHippy 08:19 08 Oct 2006

More than pleased!!

Rang Play.com Monday - explained exact problem. Came to a solution there and then, so ...

Tuesday a.m. They collected TV.

Thursday a.m. NEW TV delivered (still Samsung, newer model AND £180.00 cheaper)

Friday p.m. Faulty TV booked into returns, FULL cost of original TV credited to my Card.


I can't praise play.com enough! I hadn't used them before buying the TV in December (delivered January)and at the time was impressed at the speed of delivery (free at that..).

So, a VERY big THANK YOU to Play.com. Would I use them again? You bet I would with this kind of service!

Back to the old TV though, there was more faulty with that than at first thought - I always had trouble with a Cinema speaker system I linked to it (bought from a friend who upgrades his stuff every 2-3 years)yet NOT ONCE has it shown the same probs with this TV as with original, and those speakers played up EVERY TIME I watched the original TV.

Recommend Play.com for sure.


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