up to 8 meg Broadband

  Jak_1 17:59 24 Apr 2007

I am upgrading my connection with orange from 512 to up to 8 meg. I have heard that when this is first done you need to remain connected for a few days whilst the exchange determins the best speed for the line. Could someone give me more info on this please.
Many thanks.

  glen2409 18:14 24 Apr 2007

See click here

I hope it's not orange LLU as max speed will be 2.7mb if you are lucky.

  Jak_1 19:44 24 Apr 2007

It is orange, I have had a 512 conection for the past 5 years and thought it was about time I upgraded. £8/month cheaper too!

  Dipso 20:44 24 Apr 2007

As glen2409's link explains, the first 10 days is to calculate your fault tolerance in case you have any problems with the connection in the future.

Your line will be contantly monitored, not just in the training period, to work out the best speed for your line taking into account the current line conditions.

Frequent disconnects/reconnections such as by USB modems can sometimes be interpreted as instability and can result in lower speeds. This is why it's advisable to use a router whenever possible.

  Stuartli 20:55 24 Apr 2007

>>I hope it's not orange LLU as max speed will be 2.7mb if you are lucky.>>

On what basis is that statement based?

  Dipso 21:07 24 Apr 2007
  Jak_1 21:34 24 Apr 2007

A big thanks to all. Question answered.
The Orange Livebox is not USB so no prob there. Even 2.7mb would be better than the 512kb I'm on now and £8/month cheaper and still unlimited, within the same fair usage policy that the 512 is.

  glen2409 22:29 24 Apr 2007

Some Orange LLU users are only getting 0.5mb and have been for some months. orange have a well known problem with their LLU speeds.

  greenlamp 22:34 24 Apr 2007

0.5mb on an orange 8mb, that sounds on the fast side. Mine only manages0.5 on a good day with the wind behind it. Prior to LLU 1.9mb was typical.

  Stuartli 22:51 24 Apr 2007

Oh dear...:-)

Perhaps it should be renamed Lemon?

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