8 Gig hard drive-formatted and is now 500Mb

  arcademan 22:57 24 Oct 2003

I have just recently been given an old PC to overhaul.The previous owner had deleted a large number of files and as a result,the machine would not load windows,except in safe mode(Which showed drive C as 8 Gig).I tried to reload windows 98 with no success so I formatted the hard drive and reloded windows.Success! or so I thought until I noticed that the 8.6Gig hard drive was now 500Mb.
I have checked the bios which shows the correct size 8.6 Gig. Any Clues?

  pj123 23:01 24 Oct 2003

You probably need to fdisk it first and say "yes" to the question "Do you want to enable support for large hard disks". Then format.

  SheffieldSpy 23:14 24 Oct 2003

How did you reformat it?? Did you use Fdisk?? If you use the "Format C:" (C being where Windows is installed) commmand in a DOS prompt, it just reformats the disk in the current file format. However now that you apparently have a 500mb hard disk, you need to take up the fdisk suggestion above.

  DieSse 00:32 25 Oct 2003

Check in the BIOS and make sure that LBA mode is selected for the drive - otherwse you may see the capacity limit you have seen.

A read about the reasons here click here and here click here and here click here

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