8 Beep on start-up

  Woodmouse 07:32 20 Jul 2003

Windows XP - recently installed a new CPU and PSU. Initally my video card TORNADO GE-FORCE 4 MX440 worked, but after one session, failed - all I get now is 8 beeps from the computer and a NO SIGNAL on the monitor. When I replace the video card with my old one, a HERCULES, everything boots up OK. Any ideas - is my TORNADO card damaged? I have never heard 8 beeps before.

  powerless 07:57 20 Jul 2003

'is my TORNADO card damaged?' - Most likely as the other card works.

BIOS checks that everything is working and if its not - Beeeep.

What BIOS do you have, you can then check the beep codes too see what 8 beeps mean.

  DieSse 10:08 20 Jul 2003

Claen the contacts of the GeF card with alcohol, and try it again - making sure you push it FIRMLY into it's slot.

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