7day shop

  rimp 23:21 17 Aug 2008

Received an email tonight, they have lots of bargains in their clearance especially for flash memory. I bought a couple last week and they are lower now, very frustrating but still agood price. No I don't work for them ! Have a look.

  GaT7 00:14 18 Aug 2008

If you mean click here, it's not very good when you factor in the delivery cost. Tell them ;-) to do free delivery like Play click here, & I'll definitely consider them next time. G

  Stuartli 07:51 18 Aug 2008

I use 7DayShop regularly, particularly to buy blank Infiniti CD and DVD media - it's an excellent outlet.

However, I make sure that I make the most of the delivery charge by buying as much as possible on each occasion.

  rimp 09:58 18 Aug 2008

Crossbow7, so do I. I agree with Stuartli the postage is high but sometimes the item costs less so it adjusts the cost. I do use Play.com too but I usually compare them. Just thought I would tell everyone that there are some bargains there. I paid £6.98 for a 2gb Samsung memory stick last week, this week it is £5.49.

  rimp 10:02 18 Aug 2008

Sorry that should read "I agree with you".

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