78's ----> CD's.....HOW???

  Alex-188000 15:00 31 Oct 2004

I know there has probaly been a discussion on this topic already but I couldn't find it. I want to know is can you convert or record 78's to CD's and if so how? I know you can get software for LP's but is it the same for 78's?

  SANTOS7 15:16 31 Oct 2004

If you can get software you are happy with, it will work with 78s, the pickup is the same when you put a 78 on a record player, its only the speed that is differant,good luck......

  Alex-188000 15:22 31 Oct 2004

Do you know of any freeware or cheap software then that will convert 78's to CD files?

  pj123 15:22 31 Oct 2004

Just done it mate. Obviously, you have to have a record player that can play 78s, and can be connected to your PCs line in on the sound card.

I use LP Recorder to record to hard drive as a .wav file. I use LP Ripper to trim and clean up the track a bit, and then use Nero to burn to CD.

LP Recorder and LP Ripper can be got from click here

  Alex-188000 15:26 31 Oct 2004

To connect it to my sound card do I just use the standard 2 phonotype to a jack?

  pj123 15:30 31 Oct 2004

JetAudio is free software which can play and record almost anything. Download it from click here

  Nosmas 15:52 31 Oct 2004

Added to 'MY postings' for future reference.

  The BB 16:00 31 Oct 2004

To connect the two, you'll need a 3.5mm stereo plug to go in the in-line on your PC and whatever the output from your amplifier (not the turntable direct as this needs amplification). (Keep it stereo just in case you move on to other media from your amp.)

You'll need to set the volume up several times to get an optimum result and then theres all the copyright blurb ... :)

  Alex-188000 16:05 31 Oct 2004

What sort of amplifier should I use and where can I get one?

  Alex-188000 16:05 31 Oct 2004

What sort of amplifier should I use and where can I get one?

  pj123 16:59 31 Oct 2004

The record player I used is a very, very old Boots (Dansette?) record player. It has a Phillips type DIN socket on the back which I just connected to my Hi-Fi unit. I then recorded all my old 78 records to Cassette. Once that was done I used a portable cassette player and connected to my PC via the headphone socket on the cassette player to the "Line In" on my sound card. LP Recorder and LP Ripper did the rest. As they are very old and very rare 78s the quality wasn't a criteria.

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