7 to XP pro

  jamespt 12:43 08 Apr 2010

Hi all.
I am new to this forum so please excuse me if being thick.
I have a windows 7 laptop that connects to bt broadband wirelessly and a desktop pc that does the same. i want to be able to retreive or look at files on the desktop using the laptop from another wireless point, ie, a cafe or other place.
First is this possible without exspensive equipment and if so could some kind person please exsplain this to me in detail as I know nothing about it.
Thankyou in anticipation of the answer.

  jamespt 12:45 08 Apr 2010

I also wish to use the printer from the laptop which is connected to the desktop via USB.

  mgmcc 13:44 08 Apr 2010

Why don't you use synchronisation software to keep your files the same in both PC and Laptop, then you wouldn't need to access the PC from a remote location?

However, if you do want to access your PC's files over the internet, have a look at Hamachi click here

>>> I also wish to use the printer from the laptop
>>> which is connected to the desktop via USB.

Set the printer as "shared" in the PC, by right clicking it and selecting the Sharing option. In the Windows 7 Laptop, run the Add Printer wizard to install a *NETWORK* printer and it should find the printer in the PC and install it.

  onthelimit 14:23 08 Apr 2010

Or Teamviewer click here

  jamespt 14:43 08 Apr 2010

thanks all very much. Never thought of using software like that for connecting remotely. Is it all secure to use? I cannot sync PCs as there is far too much information I reqire at any one time, ie, large photo files, (yes Im a photographer and designer) and it is handy to connect to desktop and show customers pictures and designs.
How is it the printer can be shared in the way discribed above? could I not use a shared folder in the same way or does it not work like that.

sorry to go on but am interested. Jim.

  jamespt 15:14 08 Apr 2010

With referene to team viewer, which pc do I put it on?

  onthelimit 11:49 09 Apr 2010

Both - you need to set up the home one to always allow connection. It's very simple to use - I've had great success in sorting out probs from a distance with several friends.

  jamespt 18:05 09 Apr 2010

Thanks all for your help. now up and running.

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